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Tools for Working Men

Every working man needs Tools!

Whether you need tools to do your job with or tools
for home repair, or tools for working on your car or
truck, or just tools for your hobby, here on the
Working Man site you will find the information about
each and every tool you need to help you do your job
better and easier.

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               Use the Right Tool for the Job!


Crowbar Facts

Crowbar Quiz
How to Safely Use a Crowbar
Questions You Should Ask Yourself before Buying a Crowbar
The Crowbar
The Prybar
The Spud Bar
The Utility Bar
The Wrecking Bar
Types of Crowbars
What Kind of Crowbar Should You Use? Part 1
What Kind Of Crowbar Should You Use? Part 2
What kind of Crowbar Should You Use? Part 3
Where to Find a Good Crowbar

Choosing an Electric Drill - Chuck Size and Type
Choosing an Electric Drill - Handle Types
Choosing an Electric Drill - Power
Choosing an Electric Drill - Speed
The Brace
  History of the Brace and Bit
Should I Buy a Corded or Cordless Drill?
The Power Drill
Use Your Electric Drill as a Power Screwdriver Too

Accessories for Ladders - Part 1
Accessories for Ladders - Part 2
Emergency Escape Ladders
Extension Ladders
How to Buy the Best Ladder for the Job - Part 1
How to Buy the Best Ladder for the Job - Part 2
Maintaining and Storing Your Ladders
Telescoping Ladders
Ways to Make Your Ladder Work Safer and Easier

Bow Saws, Turning Saws, and Buck Saws
Large Circular Saws
Hand-Held Circular Saws
How the Reciprocating Saw Works
How to Choose the Right Handsaw - Part 1
How to Choose the Right Handsaw - Part 2
Large Band Saws
Saw Pits and Two Man Saws

The Back Saw
The Band Saw
The Circular Saw
  The Power Circular Saw - Types and Basics
The Handsaw
The Reciprocating Saw
The Saw
The Materials Used To Make A Saw Blade
Types of Saw Blades
Whip Saws

Diamond Calk Horseshoe Co. Duluth Minn., 12 inch Crescent Wrench

Facts about Screwdrivers
How to use a Screwdriver
The History of the Screwdriver  New
The Screwdriver
Types and Variations of the Screwdriver New

All About Homes, Lawns & Gardens
A Guide to Power Washers
  Power Washer Safety
Bench Grinders
  Your Safety when using a Bench Grinder
Clamps and Types of Clamps
Clamps, Coping Saw, Fasteners, & Hack Saws
All About the Different Types of Clamps

Common Power Tool Accidents
Electric Sanders - The Many Different Types
Hammer, Hand Drill, Handsaw and Levels
Hex Keys or Allen Wrenches
Howel, Thumb Saver, and Spoon Shovel
Nail Kicker, Knee Blades, and Self-Moving Scaffolding
Proper Safe Use of Pliers
Proper Safe Use of Wrenches
Proper Safe Use of Wrenches Part 2

Sandpapers and Glasspapers
  How to Use Sandpaper and Glasspaper
  Types of Sandpapers and Glasspapers
  Types of Sandpaper Grit
The Air Compressor
The Many Faces of an Angle Grinder
The Nifty, Hard Working Nail Driving Nail Gun
 Nail Gun Safety
The Rockwell SoniCrafter - Review
The Wood Plane, Pliers, Pry bar and Ratcheting Screwdrivers
Using Hydraulic Hammers to Break Rock

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