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Screwdriver are Necessary for most Projects
By: The Working Man

The screwdriver was designed to insert and tighten bolts or
screws, or they can be used to do the opposite and loosen
and remove bolts and screws. Some people use screwdrivers in
untraditional applications like prying things apart,
removing paint can lids, prying something out from between
two objects, etc. Universally, the screwdriver is a
necessary tool in just about every industry and can be seen
in every home and business in the world.

The screwdriver is made up of several parts. There is the
head or tip of the screwdriver, which is fitted to the screw
or bolt. A handle that is usually cylindrical around the
shaft of the screwdriver is at the other end of the head.
The handle is usually plastic and textured or grooved for
easy gripping. Connecting the handle and the head or tip is
a cylindrical shaft that can be any length depending on what
is needed.

The screwdriver applies torque to the screw by the operator
twisting the screwdriver to the right to tighten and to the
left to loosen (righty tighty, lefty loosey) in normal
usage. Or there are electric, battery or some-other-powered
screwdrivers that will apply the torque for the user who
simply flips a switch to tighten or loosen.

The important thing about applying the necessary torque
while screwing something in or loosening something is that
the screwdriver head be fitted flush with the screw or bolt
and the screwdriver supported and positioned correctly. A
screwdriver that isn't fitted to the screw or bolt and
supported and positioned correctly will end up with the
screw or bolt becoming stripped and possibly the user or
something else being injured or damaged, and it will be very
difficult to remove or tighten that screw from then on.

The screwdriver may have a head that is any shape to fit the
particular screw. Most screwdriver heads are Phillips (a
pointed cross shape) or flat head (a flattened wedge shape).
But they can come in star shaped or even block shapes. The
head of any given screw is contoured in such a way as to fit
a screwdriver tip and so that that torque can be applied to
the screwdriver to rotate the screw.

There are specialized screwdrivers types for special jobs. For
instance, there are very small screwdrivers that are used
for working on computers and PC boards that have a special
shaft for applying torque. Then there are very large and
long screwdrivers for working on engines. These have a
larger and thicker shaft so more torque can be applied
without damaging the screwdriver.

A regular screwdriver with a Phillips or flat head will
accomplish most jobs that you may have around the house or
shop. There are specialized jobs that need many different
kinds of screwdrivers, such as engineer or mechanic.

You can purchase screwdrivers at lumberyards, hardware or
department stores. For specialized screwdrivers you may have
to go directly to the company that manufactures them. You
can find most manufacturers on the Internet today and you
may even be able to buy what you need direct from the
manufacturer's Internet website.

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