What Kind

of Crowbar

Do You Need?


What Kind of Crowbar Should You Use? Part 2
By: The Working Man

After selecting and examining the materials that a crowbar is
made from you can then narrow your choice down to the type of
crowbar you need.

There are essentially three types of crowbars:

- The prybar
- The wrecking bar
- The digging bar

These types come in various shapes that you should know:

- Cylindrical
- Hexagonal
- Oval
- I-beam

This list is ordered by test strength from weaker to stronger.
The cylindrical pry bar, if excessive force is applied to, it
will bend, whereas the I-beam can withstand higher stress before

Within these types are many variations that you might want or
need for the specific job you are doing.

For example:

- Goose Neck Crowbar
- Chisel Head Crowbar
- Claw Bar Crowbar
- Pinch Point Crowbar
- Rolling Head Crowbar
- Straight Bar Crowbar
- Trim Puller Crowbar
- Etcetera

A Goose-neck crowbar or prybar comes in multiple lengths and
styles. This is what you think of when you are thinking of a
crowbar typically. It is a piece of metal that comes to a hook at
the end. The end of the hook is flattened into a fork for prying
things apart and for pulling nails. Elsewhere on this website we
will explain more about the various kinds and styles of crow bars
and to which purposes they are best suited.

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