Getting a Handle on the various Handles for Electric Drills


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Which is the Best Electric Drill Handle?
By: The Working Man

Most electric drills will have pistol grip handles with a
speed control trigger built into the drill. On a heavier
drill there may also be an auxiliary handle just behind the
chuck so that the drill can be held steady while in use.

In the case of this type of auxiliary handle, it would be
better if you could change the position of the handle so
that you can adjust the grip for more comfort. This may also
make it more comfortable for left-handed users.

On some heavy duty drills this auxiliary handle is made to
screw directly into the drill motor body, rather than as a
movable handle behind the drill chuck. The location for this
type of secondary handle is often directly opposite of the
pistol grip, giving the drill a "T" type handle feature.
This is to give the user the ability to apply equal pressure
from both arms when drilling.

The handles on some electric drills, rather than a pistol
grip handle, are designed so that when the drill is being
held the hand position is behind the main body of the drill,
with the handle looking similar to that of a small garden
spade. There are even some pistol grip drills that have this
type of spade handle as a third handle at the rear of the

The advantage of such a grip is that the forearm is in line
with the drill bit. This allows for more pressure to be
applied and makes it easier to apply pressure and keep the
drill steady when drilling through harder surfaces.

If it is possible, before purchasing or using any type of
electric drill, you should always pick it up and handle it
so that you can test if it is comfortable to hold and to see
where all the functions are on the electric drill and how
easy it would be to control.

Also try to decide ahead of time the jobs for which you will
be using the drill and choose the correct type of drill and
handle features that will most likely be needed for the job.

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