The Lowdown

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The Prybar a Totally Useful Tool with Tons of Applications
By: The Working Man

The prybar is a tool that is used in demolition and construction.
Depending on where you live you may hear a prybar called a
crowbar, jimmy or jemmy. It is a tool that you can find on any
construction site and is a regular part of any carpenter's kit.
You can find them for sale at local lumberyards or hardware

If you work in construction or demolition chances are that you
have more than one prybar in several different lengths and
shapes. That way you have what you need to get the job done

The most common prybar you will come across is the gooseneck
prybar which has two ends. One of the ends is a wedge; the other
end is a hook that comes to a flattened fork for pulling up
nails. This tool can have multiple ends and the beam of the tool
can come in multiple shapes.

The name prybar comes from the 1800's and is a variation from
crowbar. The most common use of a prybar is to pull apart boards
and remove nails. It can be used to pry apart almost anything and
the longer the prybar is the more weight it can bear to pry
something apart.

The prybar can be made from different various metals and it is
common for a prybar to be made from a non-conductive metal when
used by emergency workers like firemen and electricians. Some are
made from titanium that is a very light weight and strong metal
for people who have trouble lifting. The heavier metals like
carbon steel tend to be sturdier and not bend, depending upon the
gauge of carbon steel and the structure of the beam.

A common trick that most people are not aware of is that a prybar
can be made from lead. They look like a common prybar but they
are much easier to bend. When a feat of strength is performed a
common trick is to use a lead prybar and bend it around the back
of a person's neck. It still takes strength to do, but it would
be impossible if it was made from ordinary carbon steel. Yes, if
enough force is applied to a crowbar it will bend or break but
that is usually in the thousands of pounds of applied force.

The prybar is used to demolish things. It can tear through walls,
remove lids and boards that have been tightly nailed and even do
precision tasks such as removing trim without damaging the trim
(depends on the end being a trim remover). This is a common tool
and is it used in many ways and purposes.

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