Knee Blades and

Nail Kickers


Lesser Known Tools - Nail Kicker, Knee Blades, and Self-
Moving Scaffolding

By: The Working Man

The Nail Kicker

Most shops these days have a nail gun since they are so
handy and no longer cost much. But when it comes to getting
nails out of lumber, most of us use the same simple tools:
FUBARs, wrecking bars, catís paws or brute force. But now
there is an alternative: the Nail Kicker lets you reclaim
lumber without having to use just hand tools.

The Nail Kicker is basically a nail gun without the nails.
It uses compressed air to drive a shaft onto the nail tip
and push it out the way it went in. Pull the trigger and
the tool drives the nail out of the lumber. Keep pulling the
trigger until the tip is flush with the board ó then pull
the nail out the other side just like you would with a hand
nail puller.

The Nail Kickerís small barrel keeps the tool on the nail
tip, and it can handle nail sizes up to a standard 16d. The
tool operates on the same connections and pressures that
your standard nailer runs off, and it can speed up the task
of removing nails.

Knee Blades

Many jobs simply can not be completed without simply getting
down on your hands and knees and getting the job done. The
stress of such jobs can lead to much strain and bruising and
even permanent damage to your knees if you are not careful.

The most widely known way to protect this is with kneepads.
However many workers do not like wearing kneepads due to
their cumbersome and bulky nature which often makes it
harder to move around and get the job done. An interesting
fix to this cumbersome conundrum is the Kneeblades, kneepads
on wheels. Just think of the work you can get done and the
ease you will have doing it when you can get down on your
knees and still move as fast as walking and with as little

Kneeblades are a combination of kneepads and small three-
wheeled dollies that allow you to move in any direction
while kneeling. The kneepads are injection molded and made
of black gel material, and can be seperated from the wheel
dolly, which adds even more to the comfort and functionality
of this handy tool.

Self-Moving Scaffolding

Almost anyone working in the industrial or commercial trade
has heard of movable scaffolding or scaffolding with wheels,
but have you heard of the tool addition that can make your
scaffold move for you without you having to go through the
trouble of getting down, moving the scaffold and climbing
back up?

Well check out "The Crawler": The Crawler attaches easily
and moves any "Baker style" porta-scaffold or fold-up
scaffolding. Its telescopic shaft adjusts to various
platform heights and its auto brake stops the scaffold when
the throttle is released. The Crawler is powered by a
cordless power drill and works with many specific brands and
models of drill such as Dewalt, Bosch, Milwaukee, and more.
The Crawler will run up to 2,450 feet on a single battery
charge of a cordless drill.

Connect a standard power drill to the Crawler's telescoping
shaft and it turns its floating drive wheel. Since the drive
wheel isnít directly connected to the shaft, it can adjust
for the different heights of irregular flooring as it moves.

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