Extension Telescoping Ladders


Extension Ladders


Telescoping Ladders for those really high projects
By: The Working Man

Most people are familiar with extension ladders, they are
handy for reaching hard to reach high areas but are somewhat
tricky to use safely and can be cumbersome to move around
and store due to their large size. One type of extension
ladder you may not be that familiar with, however, is the
Telescoping Ladder.

Telescoping Ladders are a unique type of extension ladder in
that not only are they good for the standard use of reaching
high areas but they are also easy to store and carry due to
their telescoping feature. Made from lightweight, high-
strength aluminum alloys, they are strong, durable, and yet
easy to carry.

Very much like an actual telescope, the side rails of
telescoping ladders are constructed of tubular aluminum,
with each section locking in place when extending or sliding
back inside its previous section when contracting.

The average telescoping ladder, when collapsed, takes up
about as much room as a suitcase (roughly 30" high by 19"
wide) and weighs about 25 pounds. The larger size
telescoping ladders, when extended, reach up to 14 1/2 feet
and have a weight capacity of up to 300 pounds. At 14 1/4
feet fully extended they give the same standing height of an
18 foot extension ladder.

Telescoping ladders are easy to transport in the trunk of
your car and can even be carried in elevators and up stairs.
Some people have even been known to take them with them when

The telescoping feature of the ladder allows the ladder to
extend at 1 foot intervals which allows you to have multiple
heights of extension all in one ladder.

They even make telescoping combination ladders which combine
an extension ladder with an adjustable A-frame ladder for
uneven surfaces, or adjustable leg stabilizing feet for
using your extension ladder on steps.

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