Corded or Cordless Drills - That is the Question

What is Better?

A Corded or Cordless


Should I Buy a Corded or Cordless Drill?
By: The Working Man

Corded or cordless, that is the question.

The corded electric drill has a dangling cord that has to be
plugged into a power outlet in order for the corded drill to
be used. This limits the distance that you can work away
from the power source because you have to be in specific
range in order to maintain power to the electric drill.

You can use an extension cord with a corded electric drill
but be sure that the cord is properly rated to be used with
the power rating of the electric drill you are using.

Although it may limit your movement and your range, the
corded electric drill does tend to have more power and speed
than the cordless electric drill. And if you are staying
within range of the power outlet anyway then a corded
electric drill doesn't hamper you all that much.

The smaller corded electric drills don't have that kind of
speed or power and are often too bulky to reach the areas in
which they are needed. In this case an ordinary screwdriver
or a small cordless battery-powered screwdriver may be your
best choice.

Until just recently electric drills that are cordless
couldn't match the power of their corded counterparts.
However corded drills don't come rated higher than 36 volts,
so for large or heavy duty drilling a corded drill is a

But what makes the cordless electric drill the most popular
is the fact that you can literally use them anywhere until
the battery goes dead. Even when that happens a lot of times
you can buy a spare battery pack to leave charging while you
are using the other so that when the battery runs down all
you have to do is switch out the dead one and put it on the
charger while using the charged one.

This way, by simply changing out the battery, you can use
the drill for hours and hours until the job is done. You can
tell when to change batteries because when the battery is
nearly out of charge the drill will not have the power that
it had with a fully charged battery pack.

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