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Important Power Washer Safety Procedures
By: The Working Man

It is important to use the correct safety procedures when
operating a power or pressure washer. Power washers are dangerous
and can cause damage to the skin. And if the power washer gets
out of control it can also even result in property damage
and broken bones.

Here is a list of instructions to keep you safe when you are
using a pressure washer:

1. Keep Away from the Jet of Water from the Power Washer!

- The spray from a power washer is under high pressure and
it can force water under the skin if you or someone else is
sprayed with it. This is very dangerous. Never ever stand in
front of the water jet when it is mixed with cleaning
solution. You should also tightly control the water jet so
that it doesn't spray over other work areas or over other
people. This can be hazardous and can cause damage.

2. Always wear the correct PPE (Personal Protection
when operating a Power Washer!

You should wear suitable eye protection while you are
operating the Power Washer. You will also need some
waterproof, thick clothing and waterproof thick footwear.
This is so that if the spray does happen to hit you the
clothing will absorb the impact of the water rather than
your body.

3. Be careful not to trip over the Power Washer cord or slip
in the water.

If you are going to be working with a power washer try to
operate it over a surface that is non-slip. Or you can put a
rubber mat down where you will be standing. It is also
preferred that you wear non-slip shoes with rubber soles to
avoid slipping in any water runoff. If you do happen to have
some run off or spillage you should clean up the excess
water as soon as possible to prevent anyone from falling.

4. Keep your work area clear, clean and tidy.

Debris and other materials can get in the way of people and
power cords when you are operating a power washer. Because
of limited visibility when the power washer is spraying,
before you begin to work you should make sure that your work
area is clear so you do not have to worry about possibly
tripping and falling while you are working.

5. Make sure to not leave the power washer cord where it can
become tangled or it can be tripped over.

It is important that you not leave enough slack in the power
washer line that it can get tangled or that you may possibly
trip over it causing you to fall.

6. Never touch any cleaning chemicals with your hands.

On every bottle of cleaning solution there should be
instructions for proper use and storage. Be sure to read all
instructions on any bottle of cleaning agent before using
them. This will prevent you from coming into contact with a
harmful chemical that could cause damage to not only your
skin but your eyes, nose and lungs.

7. Make sure that the electrical unit that you are using is
in good condition and is rated to use with a power washer.

If the electrical unit has been inspected lately you should
be aware of the report. You should also make sure that the
power washer and any extension cords are in good working
order with no damage to the plugs or wires. Good folks
have been electrocuted from a faulty cord or plug!

Remember to always look over any power tool that you are
using to see if there is any damage before using it. This
includes power washers. Make sure that you are using the
power washer on one circuit from the circuit breaker to
prevent an outage of that circuit.

8. Power washers should be regularly inspected and tested by
a person that is familiar with and can repair power washers.
Never Ever use a power washer if it doesn't have a RCD or
Residual Current Device that monitors the electrical supply
to the power washer. And be sure to test the RCD daily
before using the power washer.

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