Using the Right Type of Utility Bar

Utility Bars,

Fubars, and Tibars


The Utility Bar: Getting the Job Done
By: The Working Man

Utility bars are functional bars that can do more than one thing.
Demolishing a house takes more than just a prybar. Utility bars
are made in such a way as to accomplish more ways to demolish all
with one bar instead of several.

One such utility bar is called a "Fubar." It is a four-in-one
tool that splits, bends boards, pries and is used to strike. The
"Fubar" received the Popular Science Magazine's "Best of What's
New" Award. They said that "The Fubar's square head and tapered
edge tore huge holes in the walls, and the toothed jaws wrenched
studs so forcefully I swear I heard the wood cry out in pain."

There is also the "Tibar" that does more than one job. The
difference between the Tibar and the Fubar is that the Tibar has
slightly different configurations and is made of titanium rather
than steel.

The Fubar is built from one piece of forged steel. That makes it
very strong and it is thus less likely to have bits break off.
These more often than not come with a grip. They have a jaw with
teeth at one end that makes it ideal for gripping lumber and
boards even when they are wet.

The Tibar and the Fubar come with a lifetime warranty more often
than not. The Fubar can withstand almost a ton of applied force.
These utility bars also have a beveled nail slot for better nail
gripping and pulling. These utility bars are made for the working
professional who does demolition and carpentry.

Depending on the job you are doing you can choose different
utility bars with different lengths to fit just about any need
and then some. They are built to take the everyday wear and tear
of demolition and you can use them for precision work as well.

If you are a person who doesn't do demolition every day and just
needs something with the ability to help you do some minor
carpentry I would recommend these bars as well. They are tough,
warranted and will do more than just an ordinary prybar.

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