A Guide to Bench Grinders

Basic Information

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Bench Grinders
By: The Working Man

Bench grinders are great for sharpening or smoothing rough
or sharp edges on cut metals. Bench grinders usually consist
of two wheels, one on either end. These usually have
different grades in order to give different finishes.

This way you can have, for example, a thirty-six grit wheel
on one end and a sixty grit wheel on the other end. And some
bench grinders come with a wet and dry wheel, this way you
can do more with your bench grinder.

The wheel sizes can vary from six to eight inches in
diameter. Never use the wrong size wheel for your bench
grinder. Sometimes the grinding wheel can become worn
unevenly. When this happens you can use a dressing tool to
dress the wheel to make it even again.

You can get a bench grinder that operates on different volts
like one hundred ten or two hundred thirty volts AC. The
smaller voltage should be used with a step down transformer
for safety reasons.

The amperage for a bench grinder ranges from two amps to
four amps depending upon the manufacturer and model of bench
grinder you want, the more common amperage being around two
and a half. The more amperage the bench grinder has the more
power it has. If you are a metal worker then getting a
grinder with more amperage is a good idea.

Wattage for the bench grinder ranges from two hundred fifty
to three hundred seventy watts. The higher the wattage, the
more powerful the bench grinder.

The bench grinder is a free hand machine, not a precision
machine. It relies on someone having a good eye and knows
the operation of their bench grinder. Most often bench
grinders are used to sharpen other tools. They are great for
grinding out shapes or putting a rough finish on a piece.
You will then need to go over the piece again to put a finer
finish on the piece.

Please be sure you use your bench grinder safely!

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