Driving Screws with Screwdrivers

How to Use the

Right Screwdriver

for Tightening Screws


How to Use a Screwdriver
By: The Working Man

It is important to use the correct screwdriver when
tightening down a screw. You can damage or even strip the
screw if you are using the wrong screwdriver. The PoziDriv
and SupaDriv screwdrivers are designed to be more tolerant
of a wrong match of screw and screwdriver.

When tightening a screw it is important to apply force and
press into the head of the screw with the screwdriver while
twisting to the right. This is what drives the screw into
the object. This will also help to avoid damaging the screw
head. If you press too lightly the screwdriver will pop off
the screw and may strip the head of the screw.

Some screwdrivers that are not electrically or battery
powered have a ratchet action that locks the screwdriver
head into place against the screw and with a simple twisting
action will tighten down a screw. Or by switching the motion
of the ratchet, loosen a screw. This makes the screw less
likely to strip. However, this type of screwdriver has been
largely discontinued due to the invention of the electric

There are many types of screwdrivers now that are made with a head
that is detachable. These different heads that can be put
together with the handle and shaft of the screwdriver are
called bits, just like drill bits. This way you can have
several bits with one regular sized screwdriver handle.

Many electric or battery powered screwdrivers have the
option to change bits also, but if you are not careful about
the voltage you select with an electric or battery powered
screwdriver you may not have the power or torque to tighten
down a screw all the way. Some drills can also be fitted
with screwdriver bit heads.

A screwdriver fact that you may be interested to know is that many
electric appliances come with non-standard screws, if they
use screws at all, to prevent the general consumer from
disassembling the appliance. It is a small security measure
to protect the consumer. One such pattern is called TORX and
the screwdrivers for them are only available in electronics

Screwdrivers are used for the tightening and loosening of
screws and bolts. But they are also often used to pry, lever
and punch holes in objects, even though they are not
recommended for these activities. There is at least one
screwdriver in a kitchen drawer of most homes.

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