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Your Safety when using a Bench Grinder
By: The Working Man

Bench grinders can be used for a variety of purposes even if
they are permanently secured to one surface. But they may be
dangerous, especially if proper precautions are not taken
when using them.

Personal Protection Equipment stops you from possibly
getting injured or sick so you should always wear the
appropriate PPE for the job you are doing. Remember to read
all instructions about the tool you are using and follow

Most instructions for the machine you are operating will
have suggestions on the proper PPE to wear when operating
the machine. This also reduces the chance of your using the
machine improperly and causing injury to yourself.

Here are some basic warnings that may help to keep you safe
while using a bench grinder:

A hand held grinder should never be put down until the
rotating disc has come to a full and complete stop.

When using any grinder it is necessary to wear the proper
personal protective equipment in order to avoid injury.
Bench grinders put out a lot of dust and debris. You will
need to wear a face mask, eye protection, ear mufflers and

These PPEs will protect your eyes from flying debris, your
lungs from inhaled dust, and your hands from debris and dust
that can chap or injure skin. And don't forget the ear plugs
or mufflers to protect your hearing from the noise generated
when grinding.

When cutting or grinding metal you must take special care to
protect yourself. Grinding metal can cause a lot of sparks
and it is a good idea to wear a flame retardant apron and
clothing. Keep all flammables away from the work area when
grinding metal, as the sparks can light a fire.

When grinding or cutting any masonry, a great deal of dust
is generated. Even if you are working outside a lot of dust
can be produced covering the work area. Remember to protect
your lungs and use a face mask and wear old clothing because
you will get covered in dust.

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