How to Store

and Maintain

Your Ladders


Maintaining and Storing Your Ladders
By: The Working Man

Maintaining Your Ladders

If you have a number of different ladders it is a good practice
to label each one with your name or the name of your company,
plus the date it was purchased. This makes it much easier to keep
track of the ladders and keep up with their maintenance

Before each use check the ladder for:

* loose rungs, steps, braces or locks
* loose screws, bolts or nails
* broken, split or cracked rungs, steps, braces, locks or side rails
* jagged edges or slivers than might cause injury
* rust or other corrosion, grease, oil, paint spills or
   other chemicals

Ladders should be taken to the repair shop for a thorough
check for damage or weakness if:

* the ladder has been damaged
* the ladder was overloaded
* the ladder was dropped or badly banged
* the ladder was exposed to very high heat or extended freezing
* it has been six months or more since the ladder was checked over

If the ladder is scheduled for its regular maintenance:

* Make sure that all hinges and slides move easily as they should.
* Check all parts for looseness or damage and repair any problems
* Check that the rope on extension ladders is not frayed and that
   the fittings are secure and undamaged. Replace the rope if it is
* Lubricate the hinges and other moving parts with the
   appropriate lubricant such as dry lubricant, silicone spray,
   light machine oil or the like.

If a ladder is too damaged to be repairable, make sure that it is
properly disposed of so that it can't accidentally be used again.

Storing Your Ladders

If a ladder is likely to be stored for an extended period:

* first clean the ladder of dirt, paint and the like,
* repaint it if needed,
* generously lubricate all metal parts.
* Make sure that non-slip surfaces and feet are in good repair.
* Close or fold any extendable sections so the ladder will take
   up the least amount of space in storage.

Try to store ladders out of the weather in a dry place, and that
if the ladder is stored horizontally that the middle is supported
so the ladder won't sag. Your ladders will last much longer this
way. Also try to find a storage place where the ladder should be
safe from damage and theft.

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