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Accessories for Ladders - Part 2
By: The Working Man

Ladder accessories provide you the opportunity to turn your
ladder into a safer and more efficient workspace. This
article continues our list of the most popular ladder
accessories available.

* Ladder Mitt

Ladder mitts are pads made from tear and weather resistant
urethane foam, rubber or other soft materials and are
attached to the top rails of extension ladders to protect
the surface the ladder is leaning on. They are invaluable
for interior decorators, museum workers, or anyone who wants
to protect the work surface from possible damage as the
ladder is moved, climbed, or as you move in your work.

* Ladder Paint Pail

Ladder paint pails are designed to hook easily onto ladder
pail hooks or sit securely on paint shelves. They can be
used for holding paint, stains, solvent or cleaning liquids,
or as a tool basket. Some paint pails come with built-in
paint grids for use with paint rollers.

* Ladder Paint Shelf

Ladder paint shelves are designed to attach to step ladders
to provide a tray for paint cans or roller trays. They are
usually made of easy-clean plastic, with foldable aluminum
arms so that they fold down when the stepladder is folded
for storage. Some also have a built in rag rack for your
cleaning cloths.

* Ladder Platform

A ladder platform is similar to a ladder paint shelf, but is
less specialized. They clip onto a ladder rung at whatever
height you choose so that they provide a convenient holding
area for tools and materials as you work.

* Ladder Rail Wear Sleeves

When you work often in spots in which the rails of the
ladder, rather than the end caps, will be supporting the
top, such as in manholes or the like, you may want to use
rail wear sleeves. Rail wear sleeves mount onto the side
rails in the area of most wear and help to lessen damage to
the ladder from abrasion and friction against the surface.

* Ladder Roof Hooks or Brackets

You can convert any single ladder into a roof ladder by
adding ladder roof hooks to the top of each rail. These
hooks or brackets (depending on the design) extend over the
guttering or roof edge to help anchor the ladder to the
roof. Some have rubber wheels that let you roll the ladder
along the wall as you work without having to lift the ladder
from spot to spot.

* Non-slip Ladder Shoes or Feet

Non-slip ladder shoes are designed to add more grip to the
bottom of the ladder rails and so increase your safety.
There are several types of ladder shoes or feet

Rubber Suction Ladder Feet

Rubber suction ladder feet are heavy-duty all-purpose safety
feet with large rubber suction pads so that the ladder won't
slide on the floor no matter the angle of the ladder. They
can be used with all types of ladders.

Molded Solid Rubber Ladder Feet

Heavy-duty molded solid rubber feet provide better traction,
protection of the floor, and long-lasting service.

Grating Ladder Shoes

Grating shoes have molded rubber feet with a raised pattern
that is designed to clamp into the holes of sidewalk or
other grating and so give the feet of your ladder much more
purchase on the ground.

Spur Ladder Shoes

Spur shoes attach to the bottom of each ladder rail and are
for use on penetrable surfaces. The bottom of a spur shoe
has a notched wheel that will dig down into soil or other
soft surfaces and root the ladder more firmly to prevent

See "Accessories for Ladders - Part 1"
for more information on accessories for ladders.

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