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Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Buying a Crowbar
By: The Working Man

1. Is there any special job for which I need to use the crowbar?

- Crowbars come with many different end features that are for
specific purposes. If you are going to be pulling up nails then
you will want a crowbar with a nail puller. If you are going to
be tearing down interior trim then you a pry bar with a trim
puller on the end.

2. How much weight do I need to pry apart?

- The weight of the object you are prying apart will determine
the material, length and shape of the crowbar you will need to

3. Will I be prying, digging or wrecking?

- There are crowbars used for prying apart things that have been
nailed, glued or fastened together in some other fashion,
crowbars for digging, and crowbars for wrecking. You need to
determine what the bulk of the job you are doing will be involved
with which application.

4. Can I lift the weight of the crowbar over and over again to
get the job done?

- They make lightweight crowbars from titanium so if you have
trouble lifting objects you can get a lightweight titanium
crowbar that is just as tough for the job as a carbon steel
crowbar would be.

5. Am I doing the job myself or will I be having people help me?

- You may need to buy multiple crowbars for a big job with people
helping and you may want to find the most cost effective crowbar
that will do the job.

6. Do I want my crowbar to last a long time?

- Usually the better the material and shape of a crowbar, the
longer it will last. But the best are more expensive than the
ordinary gooseneck crowbar, of course.

7. If I want my crowbar to last a long time do I also want it to
do it all?

- There are crowbars called utility crowbars that will do a lot
more than your ordinary crowbar.

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