A Power Drill Primer: what the beginner needs to know

Do it Yourself

using Electric

Power Drills


The Power Drill: a most useful & magnificent tool
By: The Working Man

A power drill is a tool that has an attachment that rotates.
Most power drills allow for various attachments to be
securely fastened on the end of the drill. The most common
attachments are "drill bits" that allow you to drill holes
of a determined size and depth into various substances from
wood, concrete and cement to stone and metals.

Once a drill bit is securely attached to the drill, the
point is placed against the surface to be drilled and the
trigger of the power drill is pressed. The bit then rotates
and cuts down into the material as the slots in the sides of
the bit pull the shavings up and out of the hole as the
material is cut.

Other types of attachments are also used with power drills,
such as screwdrivers, paint stirrers, sanding stones and the

There are many different parts and accessories that come
with power drills today. It is best that you know what
extras an electric drill can come with so that you can
choose the best electric drill for your purpose.

Here is a list of different variations and accessories that
can come with the electric drill:

- Chuck size and type
- Corded or cordless
- Depth stop
- Hammer function
- Handles
- Power level
- Screwdriver function - reverse function and torque control
- Speed adjustment

For the "Do it Yourselfer" the Electric Drill is probably
one of the most common power tools. For most people who work
out of their home workshops the first power tool that is
ever purchased is usually the electric drill.

Power drills are used often by woodworkers, carpenters,
metalworkers, plumbers, mechanics, maintenance and
repairmen. The power drill has become one of the best work
and timesavers in the working man's arsenal.

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