Bet you don't know all the Types of Crowbars

Outlining the Different

Crowbar Types


From Bear Claw to Wrecking Bar: Types of Crowbars
By: The Working Man

There are at least thirty different types of crowbars and each
one is used for a specific purpose and function. Almost all of
them have the ability to pull nails as well as act as a lever to
pull things apart. When you find yourself in need of a crowbar
you can certainly find one that will fit the job you are doing.

There are many types of Crowbars (also known as crow bar, pry
bar, prybar, jimmy, jemmy, jimmy bar, etc.), and there are
specific uses for each type of crow bar. All the types of
crowbars are mainly used for demolition purposes.

There are four basic shapes and three basic types of crowbar. The
basic shapes are flat, hexagonal, cylindrical and I-shaped. The
three basic types are the pry bar, wrecking bar and digging bar.

Here is a list of different types of crowbar:

- Bear Claw with Scraper Pry Bar
- Boss Demolition Pry Bar
- Cat Bar
- Chisel Head Pry Bar
- Clawbar with Dimpler
- Die Bar
- Digging Bar
- Double end nail puller
- Extendable Indexable Pry Bar
- Flat Pry Bar
- FuBar / Functional Utility Bar
- Goose Wrecking Bar
- Gorilla Bar
- Hammerhead Pry Bar
- Handy Bar
- Hexagon Digging Bar
- Hexagonal Steel Ripping Bar
- I-BEAM Pry Bar
- Japanese Tiger Paw/Pry Bar
- Nail Puller
- Pinch Point Crow Bar
- Rolling Head Pry Bar
- Renovator Bar
- Round Connecting Bar
- Round Connecting Bar with Straight Chisel
- Screwdriver style pry bar
- Super Wonder Bar® Pry Bar
- T-Type pry bar
- TiBar / Titanium Utility Bar
- Trimbar / Trim Puller
- Wrecking Bar

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