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Ways to Make Your Ladder Work Safer and Easier
By: The Working Man

There are many different various ladder accessories that can
help you do your job. They improve safety conditions and
make everything easier to get and keep at hand when up on
the ladder working. Ladder accessories can be rented or they
can be bought at your commercial hardware store.

For instance there are LADDER PLATFORMS. This ladder
accessory clips to the rungs of the ladder and provides a
storage space high up on the ladder. This way you can
conveniently place needed tools on the platform while you
are working and keep them out of the way while you are
working until you need them again.

The LADDER TRAY has a similar purpose to the ladder platform
in that it holds needed tools and even a bucket until you
need them while up high on the ladder.

An S HOOK connects to the ladder and you can also suspend
buckets and tools from it but it is less versatile than the
ladder tray or ladder platform.

The LADDER STAY works by hooking onto the ladder on the top
two rungs and the other part of the stay rests against the
wall. That way the ladder is held a small distance from the
wall. It makes it easier to work under the eaves of a roof
and on the guttering of the roof without having to lean back
on the ladder.

LADDER MITTS are used to prevent marring of the surface you
are leaning the ladder against. These are handy as it
prevents scratches and even damage to the wall you are
working on. These are usually made from urethane foam that
is tear-resistant and weather-resistant.

There are also LADDER TOOL HOLDERS that will organize and
hold your tools while you are up on the ladder. A tool
holder usually drapes on either side of the ladder on the
top of step ladders. They contain many different
compartments to hold different tools and fasteners. One of
the many pockets sometimes can be snapped off in order to be
used on extension ladders when needed.

The PAINT PAIL SHELF works by providing a steady platform
that is usually recessed in a circle to hold your paint
while you are up high on the ladder. They are usually made
from molded plastic and have aluminum arms. Some of the
styles of paint pail shelves will automatically shut when
you shut the ladder, for easy storage. These usually have a
built in rag rack for your convenience.

The LADDER PAINT TRAY works in the same way as the paint
pail shelf but it is specifically used for extension ladders
rather than step ladders. These are usually made to be
universal for extension ladders no matter what rung they are
placed on or the material the extension ladder is made from.

Ways to Make Your Ladder Work Safer and Easier - Part 2

There are also LADDER LEVELERS that that can be attached to
the feet of the ladder to provide a level surface on the
most uneven plane. These can adjust between three and a half
inches to eight and a half inches depending upon the model.
They do this by using swivel shoes. That way one leg can be
on the ground while the other can stand on another surface
like a step.

The LADDER STABILIZER attaches at the top of extension
ladders and help to stabilize the ladder and make it safer
during use. Most of the ladder stabilizers provide a wider,
more stable base and protect the rubber end cap which
protects the work surface.

These can be used with any kind of extension ladder and some
articulated ladders. They hold the ladder up to ten inches
away from the wall. This makes it handier and safer to work
on that wall surface or under eaves.

Some of the models include a quick latch and unlatch spring
mechanism. These are usually used to span second story
windows so that the ladder can be used easily without
breaking or damaging the window. Some are wide enough that
they can accommodate double windows, and still other models
can be used on corners.

The PAINT CAN BUCKET HANGER can provide a convenient area to
place either tools or paint. It can securely hold a one
gallon paint can on the ladder. Some of the paint can bucket
hangers include swivel hooks that can snap to the paint can
and keep it level even if it is bumped or the ladder is
moved, so no accidental spills occur. Other paint can
bucket hangers attach directly to the frame of the step
ladder or extension ladder.

LADDER JACKS are used to convert a pair of extension ladders
into a work platform. Ladder jacks can work with twelve,
fourteen and twenty foot wide planks depending upon the
model. They can also be attached to either two or three
rungs of the ladders.

Ladder jacks securely clamp the platform to the ladder jacks
and fasten to the support ladders to help secure the ladder
jack platform system. They can also be mounted to the side
of an extension ladder.

These simple accessories will at the least make your work
easier and faster, and they might even save you from injury
or even death.

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