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Proper Safe Use of Wrenches
By: The Working Man

Wrenches can come in a variety of styles like: open-end,
socket, combination, torque, adjustable, etcetera. Wrenches
are designed to help the user hold bolts, turn nuts or any
multiple thread fasteners and to keep the load and leverage

To choose the proper wrench for the job, you have to fit it
to the fastener that you wish to hold still or turn. For
proper fit, if you are using metric bolts you should use
metric wrenches. In the USA (which uses inches) inch bolts
should use inch wrenches.

By choosing the proper size wrench for the fastener you are
less likely to be injured. The right wrench is less likely
to round off or slip off the corners of the fastener. A lot
of people have strained their wrists or cut themselves when
a wrench slipped off a fastener, especially when extreme
force was being applied. Also, try not to use an extension
in order to improve leverage on a wrench. Instead get a
longer wrench. Here are some tips for wrench safety.

Open-ended and adjustable wrenches should not be used to do
any final tightening or initial loosening of fasteners that
are frozen. These types of wrenches do not have the strength
of a socket wrench or box-end wrench.

Before you work on a fastener that is frozen apply some oil
that will penetrate into and around the fastener before
striking it with a face box wrench, heavy-duty box wrench or
socket wrench.

Keep your wrenches in a cool dry place to prevent rust and
weakening of the metal.

When working on a fastener with a wrench you should always
try to pull instead of push just in case the fastener
loosens suddenly. When operating an adjustable wrench make
sure that the wrench is adjusted tightly to the fastener and
then you pull to tighten or loosen. You should always put
the force that you are applying to an adjustable wrench to
the fixed end of the head.

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