Screwdriver Types and Screwdriver Variations

The Different

Types and Variations

of Screwdrivers


Getting it Together with the Types of Screwdrivers
By: The Working Man

The screwdriver comes in many different variations
in order to help workers who need to tighten or
loosen all the various sizes of bolts and screws
used in modern manufacturing.

Here is a list of different types of screwdrivers:

- Bristol
- Hex (Allen)
- Double hex
- One-way (Clutch)
- Phillips (Crosshead or Cruciform)
- Polydrive
- Pozidriv (SupaDriv)
- Robertson
- Slotted (Flat-head)
- Spanner Head
- Spline drive
- Torq-Set
- Torx
- Tri-Wing
- Triple Square (XZN)

The most popular heads for screwdrivers are the Phillips,
slotted, Robertson, Allen, TORX and PoziDriv/SupaDriv.

A screwdriver can come in any shape or size in order to
match the screws that are made today, from the smallest
jeweler's screwdriver for working on watches to large
mechanic's screwdrivers for gigantic engines in ships or
large heavy machinery.

But, despite all the varieties and sizes of screwdrivers
available in the world, you will never find a left handed
screwdriver. The common screwdriver can be easily wielded in
either hand and is made to fit comfortable to the palm of
either hand. It is often a joke by mechanics to send the new
guy off to find a left handed screwdriver, to see if they
are smart enough to catch the joke. The term "left handed
screwdriver" can also be used as a metaphor for something
not needed or useless. In the United Kingdom, the term
"Birmingham Screwdriver" is used as a joke to mean a hammer
or sledgehammer.

The design of the shaft and handle of the screwdriver has
changed over time. Manufacturer's tastes and common uses
primarily influence screwdriver design. The "Perfect Handle"
screwdriver was manufactured by HD Smith and Company, which
was in operation from 1850 to 1900. Since then the "Perfect
Handle" name has been adopted by many manufacturers and is
used worldwide. See Screwdriver History.

The slotted or flat head screwdriver has some variations to
the head of the screwdriver when you look at the profile of
the blade head on. The most common type of flat head
screwdriver is the keystone design. The keystone design is
when the head of the screwdriver is flared and tapers off at
the end. This makes it easier to use in tight or restrictive
space areas. Also, some flat head screwdrivers have parallel
handle and blade edges. for more info see how to use screwdrivers.

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