Using the Crowbar Safely

Safety Tips

on How to Use

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How to Safely Use a Crowbar
By: The Working Man

The crowbar is used to lever attached items apart and is mostly
used for demolition purposes. When using the crowbar in
demolition you need to be careful to not injure yourself.

Here are some handy tips to protect yourself and others when you
use a crowbar.

1. Be sure to secure the object you are demolishing. Trying to
pry apart something that isn't properly secured can result in
your just moving the object without the object being pried apart.
If excessive force is applied you could end up throwing the
object through the air and hitting yourself or others.

2. Check to see if there are any breakables or nails attached
before you lever an object apart. Flying glass and boards with
nails can cut you and result in injury to others.

3. Always pry with the bar away from yourself. For instance if
you are right handed, pry the object so that the object will fall
apart to your left. If you are left handed pry to your right.

4. Make sure the area is clear so that if you are prying apart
something that can fall or fly through the air you won't hurt
other people.

5. Find a narrow crack and insert the pry bar (Of proper length!)
into the crack and then apply force slowly. Never quickly break
something apart, especially if you have no idea what is behind it
or inside of it.

6. Apply force by bending the knee away from the object,
crouching and pushing down or away from you with your arms
SLOWLY! Do not twist or bend your back. You can injure yourself
by bending or twisting your back while applying force, especially
if the object gives way suddenly. If the object you are levering
apart is vertical then apply force with your arms and shoulders,
not your back.

7. Be aware of the weight and structure of your crowbar. A
crowbar can only pry apart so much weight. If the crowbar is
bending, stop.

In summary, always be sure to wear the proper PPE or personal
protection equipment when using a crowbar. Never apply force
quickly to an object you are prying apart. And be sure to be
aware of yourself and other people in the room to prevent injury.

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