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Types of Saw Blades: Carbide or Steel? That is the Question
By: The Working Man

The teeth of a saw blade can be made from two types of material:
Carbide and tool steel. Carbide holds a sharp edge for a long
time and is harder than tool steel.

To make different cuts you need to know what cuts you can do with
your saw blade. Here is a list:

- Crosscut: This cut is made at right angles to the wood grain
direction. This is a popular cut used in woodworking. A crosscut
saw is usually used to make this cut.

- Rip cut: This cut is made parallel to the grain of the piece of
wood. This saw is commonly used for woodworking. A rip saw is
more often used to accomplish this.

- Ply tooth: When it comes to cutting plywood a circular saw
blade is the best way to cut it with the least splintering.

- Dado Blade: This particular blade is used to cut grooves in
wood so that you can fit another piece of wood to it. They do
this by using special chipper blades that they add or take away
depending on the width of the groove they want. The first Dado
blade was called a Stacked Dado blade. One Dado blade is called
an Adjustable Dado Blade and uses a locking mechanism to cut
variable groove sizes. This blade can make any number of groove
sizes without having to stop the blade. You can adjust the groove
width and the depth of the groove while operating the blade.

All of these blades are used to make specific cuts in wood in
order to make objects from the wood.

Nowadays a Dado blade is used in order to help make things simply
and cheaply so that you can have a nice piece of furniture with
minimal nails and hooks. They can also make grooves for snap down
wood flooring.

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