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Here's a Really Fun place to come to blow off some

steam after a hard days work or just to get some laughs

in to make your day go better

So here's the plan - go grab an ice cold beer or your favorite
beverage, put on some good music and sit back and

RELAX and Have Some FUN!

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Alligator Jokes for the Working Man 
Armageddon: The Movie with Bruce Willis  **NEW**
Engineer to English Dictionary 
Humor - The Common Tool Explained

Cars - Larry the Cable Guy as Mater the Tow Truck
Daniel Whitney as "Larry the Cable Guy"
Delta Farce
Larry the Cable Guy's Christmas Carols
Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector
Larry the Cable Guy in "Witless Protection"
Larry the Cable Guy Quotes
Larry the Cable Guy Gets er Done
Larry the Cable Guy Sayings & Quotes 2
The Wisdom Of Larry The Cable Guy
Who is Larry the Cable Guy?

Dirty Jobs Television Show 
Famous Musical Saw Musicians 
Musical Saws in Movies, Shows and Songs
Saw Jokes
The ABC Construction Rodeo
The Democratic Little Red Hen 
The Music of the Saw
The Television Show: America's Toughest Jobs
Ways To Knock Yourself Out Using A Pry Bar
What happened on this day in U. S. history.
Viva La Vida - a Delicious Sight for a Working Man's Eyes  YES!

Chuck Norris-Saurus Rex

Classic Chuck Norris Sayings
If Chuck Norris Played Sports
Original Chuck Norris Sayings Not Found Anywhere Else online 
The Chuck Norrissaurus Rex

"It took me 17 years to get 3,000 hits in baseball, I did
it in one afternoon on the golf course."   ~ Hank Aaron ~

Here's a picture of our very first 4 wheeler..... Ha Ha

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