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Musical Saws in Movies, Shows and Songs
By: The Working Man

The Musical Saw was very popular in both Europe and the United
States in the early part of the Twentieth Century, especially in
Vaudeville, but as WWII took all the available steel for a time,
it lost popularity after that.

- In the movie "Delicatessen" a musical saw is played throughout
several parts.

- In the Icelandic Quartet one of the players named Amiina plays
the musical saw on stage.

- The Black Heart Procession has the musical saw in a lot of
their songs.

- The Georgia band "Hope for A Golden Summer" uses the singing
saw in song recordings and in concerts.

- Song artist Mercury Rev uses the musical saw in their albums
"All is a Dream" and "Deserter's Songs".

- The Asylum Street Spankers has a member of their group named
Christina Marrs who plays the musical saw in a lot of their songs
including the "The Minor Waltz".

- The artist Sarah McLachlan uses the musical saw in many of her
songs, although she doesn't play the instrument herself. In one
song called "Last Dance" the musical saw is used as a main
instrument. These songs were featured in her 1997 album

- KoRn uses the musical saw in their 2007 "Unplugged"
performance, especially during the song "Coming Undone."

- Br'er, an Experimental Indie Pop band, uses the musical saw in
their single "Endometriosis."

- An uncredited musician plays a chorus in the song "Hide in Your
Shell" for the band Supertramp on their 1974 "Crime of the
Century" album.

- Thinguma*jigSaw, a Norwegian duo who play "splatterfolk," use a
saw as a vital part of their music. The musical saw can be heard
on their debut album, "Awake in Whitechapel."

- In the theme song of "The Station Agent" you can hear a musical

- On the "Real Tuesday Weld" CD a musical saw is featured.

- Ali Tabatabai plays a musical saw in "The London Book of the
Dead". It can be heard on "The Dillinger Escape Plan's Ire Works"
album in the song "Dead as History".

- In the Pelican album called Australasia the track "Untitled"
features the musical saw played by Andrew Furse.

- Midtown Dickens a Durham, North Carolina band uses the musical
saw in a lot of their songs.

- Austin Blackburn played the musical saw on "Britain's Got
Talent" and made it through to the Birmingham auditions with two
out of three judges voting for him. He played "You Raise Me Up"
on the musical saw. It was Simon Cowell who did not vote for him
and described his saw playing to that of a "Cat being stamped

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