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Delta Farce


Delta Farce
By: The Working Man

Delta Farce is a comedy released in May 2007 by Lions
Gate. It stars Larry the Cable Guy, Bill Engvall, Danny
Trejo and DJ Qualls, the director is C.B. Harding. The movie
was produced after the Blue Collar Comedy Tour that starred
Larry the Cable Guy and Bill Engvall concluded.

This is a movie about some men who are down and out on their
luck and love life and end up in the army, again. Apparently
the three guys that this story revolves around were army
reservists and a request came down for more troops. If the
three hadn't taken a trip out to the deserted reservist base
they wouldn't have been called up for duty.

After being put through a flash training course that was
ripe with opportunity for slapstick and "har hars," they
were put on a plane to be shipped out. The three, seeking
after some kind of comfort from this turn of events, go down
to the cargo bay and sneak into the Humvee loaded there.

The plane they were on experienced heavy turbulence and had
to drop some cargo. That cargo included the Humvee that the
three men were staying in, some boxes and Sergeant Kilgore,
who had put these three through training on the abandoned
reservist base.

They wake up the next morning to find that they are in the
Humvee surrounded by some boxes and one assumed dead Sgt.
Kilgore, whom they promptly bury. They assume that they have
arrived at their destination, Iraq. The only problem is that
they are far short of their mark. In fact they are actually
in Mexico, but they fail to notice the signs.

They start off down the road and come to a gas station where
they stop for a fill up and threaten some Mexicans, assuming
they are Iraqis. The Mexicans, realizing that they can use
these knuckle-heads to help their village, lead them there.
After spraying random gun fire around and so scaring off the
bandits who are assaulting the village, Larry and crew are
thrown a party by the Mayor and the town they just rescued.

After interrogating one of the captured bandits they finally
realize that they are in Mexico. Larry the Cable Guy, who
had been escorting and flirting with the mayor's daughter,
freaks out after hearing the news. Bill calms him down by
trying to tell him that they are doing their job, just in
the wrong locale so it is okay.

The leader of the bandits receives news that there are U.S.
soldiers in the little town he was exploiting, and decides
to capture Bill while he is using the phone to call his
wife. He gets him to talk by threatening him with "alone
time" with a gay man.

The bandits decide to go to town and threaten to shoot Bill.
But Bill is promptly release with Larry threatens to shoot
the Bandit Leader, Carlos Santana. About this time Sgt.
Kilgore, obviously not dead, shows up and is kidnapped by
the bandits. The three heroes break him out during a
luchadore wrestling match and convince him to help defend
the little town that they had been helping to fix up.

Finally the army shows up with two helicopters just as the
bandits attack. After taking care of the bandits the army
makes the twisted mistake seem like something that had been
planned all along.

Bill ends up with a Purple Heart and a gunshot wound in the
butt. They all end up with Silver Stars. From there, Kilgore
opens an exercise gym, Larry goes back to Mexico and marries
the Mayor's daughter and they open a Mexican restaurant,
Bill sues the Mexican government and lives off the payoff
and Everett (DJ Qualls) ends up as a luchadore. The bandit
leader, "Carlos Santana," goes to jail and then goes to
rehab and becomes a ventriloquist.

Taglines for the movie:

- In this war, the wind doesn't blow, it hurls.
- War isn't funny...but this movie is.
- G.I. Joke
- Locked and Loaded
- Redneck Rambo
- A funny thing happened on the way to Iraq.
- The few. The proud. The clueless.

Trivia about the movie:

- Jeff Foxworthy originally was also scheduled for a role in
the movie, but he had to quit because of his position as a
game show host on "Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?"

- In a scene inside the home of the character played by DJ
Qualls you can see Rey Mysterio versus Randy Orton playing
on his television.

Movie Cast:

- Larry the Cable Guy - Larry
- Bill Engvall - Bill Little
- DJ Qualls - Everett
- Keith David - Sergeant Kilgore
- Danny Trejo - Carlos Santana
- Marisol Nichols - Señorita Maria Garcia
- Lisa Lampinelli - Connie
- Jeff Dunham - Amazing Ken

Movie Reception:

This movie bombed at the box office and possibly did even
worse on DVD release. The movie only grossed $3,420,645 on
its opening weekend, and $8,130,530 on the home market.

In June 2007, while doing a radio interview with "The Bob &
Tom Show", Larry The Cable Guy said the movie failed because
of the release of Shrek the Third and Spider-Man 3.

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