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Larry the Cable Guy


Who Is Larry the Cable Guy?
By: The Working Man

Daniel Lawrence Whitney was born on February 17, 1963 in Pawnee
City, Nebraska. His father was a preacher and once played guitar
with the Everly Brothers, and Daniel attended and graduated from
Christian schools after his family moved to Palm Beach County,
Florida when Daniel was sixteen.

In 1985 Daniel started doing stand up comedy locally in West Palm
Beach and eventually at the Comedy Club in Blue Springs,
Missouri. In the early nineties he began doing radio comedy by
calling in to stations as various fictional characters. The radio
comedy was what birthed "Larry the Cable Guy."

Daniel later became a disc jockey in Blue Springs, going on from
there to Omaha, Nebraska as well as doing stand up and radio
comedy around the South and in Baltimore, Maryland. He continued
to work on the Larry character and his fame eventually grew due
to the popularity of the character. Larry the Cable Guy is now
exclusively the star of Daniel's stage acts.

Larry the Cable Guy is a stereotypical redneck, telling wild and
strange stories about his family and friends and making comments
about politics and everyday life in a thick Southern Accent. Many
of Larry's catchphrases have become popularly used by his fans,
the most popular one being, "Git-r-Done!" as well as, after a
particularly bad comment, "I don't care who you are, that's funny
right there!"

His act is populated with strange and off-color versions of
Christmas songs and many "madder than" jokes such as "Madder than
a skunk dipped in perfume," "Madder than a skinhead watching "The
Jeffersons," and the like. His humor pokes fun at people and
things such as "retards" and "queers" and can be taken
straightforwardly or as subtle satire against bigotry and the

Since Daniel is from Nebraska and is a loyal Nebraska Cornhuskers
fan, he wears something with the name "Nebraska" in every
television appearance.

Daniel Whitney is a private person and tends to answer questions
about himself with information that would apply to Larry the
Cable guy. But we do know that he is married to Cara, a former
radio personality herself, and they have two children and live in
Sanford, Florida. His popularity is increasing and Daniel is also
seen in many commercials and movies, along with doing voiceovers
for various animated movies such as the voice of "Mater" in the
animated children's movie "Cars".

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