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The Television Show: America's Toughest Jobs
By: The Working Man

America's Toughest Jobs is a new "reality television show" from
NBC in the United States. Its inaugural episode was on August
25th, 2008. This reality show is unlike any other show that has
gone before in that this is real people doing real jobs for the
chance of winning a prize. This isn't a carrot and stick show and
the only feat a contestant has to perform is to do the job they
are assigned.

People are eliminated based upon how well they do the job and
often the contestants on the show are unaware of just how sweaty,
tiring, dirty and dangerous some of these jobs will be. These
jobs were chosen by just how demanding and dangerous they are to
the everyday working person who does them.

Thom Beers, who produced the "Deadliest Catch," "Ice Men" and
"Ice Road Truckers" is the executive producer and creator of
"America's Toughest Jobs", along with Lloyd Braun and Gail Berman
as Executive Producers.

"America's Toughest Jobs" transports thirteen ordinary men and
women from their ordinary lives and moves them all over the
country doing some of the toughest jobs imaginable in America.
Here are just some of the jobs the contestants will be expected
to do:

- Oil Drilling
- Logging
- Extreme Fishing
- Gold Mining

These thirteen men and women volunteered to participate in this
show. And they will have to show some guts, stamina and
intelligence just to live through some of these jobs. Only one
person will take home the combined salary of all the jobs that
the contestants have done throughout the show.

The host is Josh Temple and he will be introducing and talking
with the contestants and other cast while the show is running.
This show is scary and trailers and commercials already have
shown some footage from the series of what looks like someone
getting seriously hurt in a bull ring.

If you are into watching real life and death situations that
people put themselves into for money this is the show for you to
watch. The show begins and will be shown on NBC on Mondays at 9
o'clock at night EST.

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