Witless Protection:


America's Assets


Larry the Cable Guy in Witless Protection
By: The Working Man

"Protecting America's Assets"

The movie Witless Protection is about a small town Mississippi
Sheriff named Larry, who is played by Larry the Cable Guy. Larry
the Sheriff believes that he witnessed the kidnapping of Connie
(played by Jenny McCarthy) and rushes to her rescue.

It turns out that Connie is in witness protection and the men
that Larry believes were trying to kidnap her were the FBI agents
assigned to protect her. Connie is supposed to be a witness in a
trial against an Enron-type company in Chicago, Illinois.

We later find out that the FBI agents that were supposed to be
protecting Connie were in fact on the dole and had actually been
intending to kill Connie; so Larry the Sheriff's instincts had in
fact been correct.

This film was a comedy made by Lionsgate and directed and written
by a Chicago native, Charles Robert Carner. It was filmed all
over the Illinois countryside, but most of the filming took place
in Plano, Illinois and Virgil, Illinois.

"Witless Protection" is rated PG-13 and was released to theatres
in February 22, 2008 and released to DVD on June 10, 2008.

The Cast of Characters is as follows:

- Larry the Cable Guy as Larry
- Jenny McCarthy as Connie
- Joe Mantegna
- Yaphet Kotto as Alonzo Mosely
- Ivana Milicevic as Madeleine
- Richard Bull as Sheriff Smoot
- Eric Roberts
- Peter Stormare
- J David Moeller as Elmer
- Will Clinger as Bo
- Omar Dykes as Gus (as Omar Kent Dykes)
- Reno Collier as Tater
- Dan Waller as Agent Orange / MIB #1
- Rick Le Fevour as MIB #2
- Joseph Luis Caballero as MIB #3 (as Joe Caballero)
- Sean Bridgers as Norm
- Gerry Bednob as Omar

This movie received very bad reviews from the critics. Some
thought it was funny but most reviews included adjectives like
dumb, stupid and a waste of film. Fans of Larry the Cable guy
mostly liked it, though.

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