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Dirty Jobs Television Show
By: The Working Man

Dirty Jobs is a US television show on Discovery Channel on which
the host, Mike Rowe, will go anywhere in the country to do Dirty
Jobs that have been suggested by the viewers. These jobs have
ranged from pouring concrete to digging up blood worms. In all
cases these are real jobs, and real people who offer Mike Rowe an
inside look into the jobs they do every day.

Essentially this show lets everyone know more about the
"invisible jobs" that often go unnoticed but that make our
society work. These jobs are usually "dirty," meaning that they
are physically hard and often done under trying environmental
conditions and the people that do them day in and day out deserve
some recognition for their efforts and often sacrifices for
society at large.

These are some of the dangerous, exhausting and often times dirty
and smelly jobs that help our society and which have been
featured on "Dirty Jobs":

- Aerial Tram Maintenance

- Alligator Farmer

- Alpaca Shearer

- Artificial Cow Insemination

- Artificial Reef Maker

- Baggage Handler

- Bait and Lobster Fisherman

- Basalt Quarry

- Bat Cave Scavenger

- Beekeeper

- Beer Brewer

- Bell Maker

- Billboard Installer

- Biodiesel Maker

- Bird Conservation

- Blacksmith/farrier

- Blood Worm Digger

- Bowie Baysox Groundskeeper

- Bridge Maintenance Worker

- Building and Installing Rooftop Water Tower

- Buoy Tender

- Candy Maker

- Car Crusher

- Car Recycler

- Catfish Noodler

- Cattle Feed Farmer

- Cattle Rancher

- Cave Biologist

- Cedar Shark and Shingle Maker

- Charcoal Maker

- Cheese Maker

- Chimney Sweeper

- Chinatown Garbage Collector/Recycling Separator

- Clay Jug Potter

- Cleaning a Barbeque Smoker

- Cleaning Airport Runways Paint Striper

- Cleaning Animal Skulls

- Cleaning Elevator Shaft

- Cleaning the Inside of Boilers

- Cleaning up Diesel Spill in Dutch Harbor

- Coal Miner

- Cob Home Builder

- Coffee Plantation Worker

- Coke Manufacturing

- Collecting Diapers for Odor Analysis

- Concrete Spreader

- Concrete Stamping

- Concrete Truck Cleaner

- Converting Trash into Electricity

- Cow Feed Mill

- Cow Hoof Trimmer

- Cow Midwife

- Crab Fisherman

- Cracklin' and Boudin Sausage Maker

- Cranberry Harvesting

- Dairy Farmer

- Demolition Worker

- Disaster Cleanup

- Drain Cover Foundry

- Drilling Mud

- Erosion Control Technician

- Exotic Insect Breeder

- Exotic Species Sanctuary

- Exterminator

- Fainting Goat Farmer

- Firefighter

- Fish Farming Hybrid Striped Bass/Tilapia/Carp

- Fish Gutter

- Fish Processor

- Fish Taxidermist

- Food Recycler

- Frac Tank Refurbisher

- Gandy Dancer

- Garbage Removal from Sinkhole

- Geoduck Farmer

- Geothermal Well Drilling

- Giant Kelp Harvesting for Abalone Farming

- Goat Milk Soap Maker

- Golf Ball Diver

- Goose Tagging

- H5N1 Avian Influenza Testing

- Hagfish Fisherman

- Handmade Brick Maker

- Hippopotamus Keeper

- Honey Collector

- Horse Breeder

- Horse Castrator

- Horse Manure & Garbage Removal/Composting

- Hot Tar Roofer

- House Mover

- Hydroseeding

- Incinerator

- KC-135R Stratotanker Fuel Cleaner

- Lake Erie Seaweed Cleanup

- Lake Erie Snake Researcher

- Lance Burton Animal Handler

- Large Animal Veterinarian

- Lithographer

- Logging with Mules

- Making Cranberry Jam/Jelly/Syrup

- Malibu Bay Preservation

- Manufacturing Cow Pots

- Marble Miner

- Marine Mammal Rescue Worker

- Micro-Algae Man

- Mining and Bird Rehabilitation at Searles Lake

- Mosquito Control/Poison Testing

- Mudbug (Crawfish) Harvester

- Mushroom Farmer

- Mussel Farmer

- NASA Crawler-Transporter Lubricator

- Ostrich Wrangler

- Owl Vomit Collector

- Oyster Harvester

- Oyster Shucker

- Penguin Keeper

- Pet Groomer

- Pig Farmer

- Pig Shaver

- Pigeon Droppings Removal

- Pipe Organ Specialist

- Placing Boat Moorings

- Plumber

- Potato Farmer

- Printing Press Operator

- Recycling the Mississippi River Barge

- Removing Chewing Gum from Sidewalks

- Removing Underground Fuel Oil Storage Tank

- Reptile Handler

- Rice Milling

- Roadkill Collector

- Rodent Control

- Rose Parade Float Dismantler

- RoughNecker

- Salt Miner

- Salvage Technician

- Salvaging a Truck from Lake

- Scrap Metal Recycler

- Septic Tank Technician

- Sewer Inspector

- Shampoo Maker

- Shark Cage Diver

- Shark Catcher/Tagger

- Shark Repellant Researcher

- Shark Spotter

- Shark Suit Tester

- Shark Tagging

- Shrimper

- Sludge Recycler

- Spray Insulation of Cellulose Insulation

- Stamford Hurricane Barrier Zinc Anode Changer

- Steel Mill Worker

- Storm Drain Cleaner

- Stump Grinder

- Sugarcane Mill Worker

- Surfboard Maker

- Surveying Salmon Spawning Grounds

- Tannery

- Taro Farmer

- Termite Exterminator

- Terra Cotta Facade Maker

- Tiger Shark Necropsy

- Tire Recycler

- Transfer Station Worker for San Francisco Dump

- Tree Trimmer

- Truck Tire Retreading

- Turkey Artificial Inseminator

- Turkey Farmer

- U.S. Army Mechanic

- Underwater Logger

- Vervet Monkey Rehabilitator

- Volcanic Ash Mud Bath Mixer

- Waste Water Sewage Plant Worker

- Wind Turbine Generator Technician

- Wine Barrel Maker

- Wine Cave Digger

- Wine Maker

- Worm Castings Rancher

- Worm Dung Farmer

- Yak and Bison Rancher

- Zoo Keeper

- And more...

This show can give you a deeper appreciation of the products and
services we get everyday. Go see for yourself "Dirty Jobs" airs
Tuesdays at nine p.m. ET/PT.

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