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Cars - Larry the Cable Guy as Mater the Tow Truck
By: The Working Man

Cars is a Disney Pixar film in which an entire world is
populated by different versions of transportation vehicles.
The most popular event in the world of Cars is profession
car racing like NASCAR. The particular race in the movie is
called the Piston Cup and our movie opens up to a race car
named Lightning McQueen who is a rookie race car racing for
Rusteze Medicated Bumper Ointment.

Lightning McQueen has the skills to be the next race car to
promote the Dinoco label which is currently held by Strip
"The King" Weathers, but he thinks he is pretty hot stuff
and isn't afraid to show off and generally act like a prima

The Piston Cup race ends up in a three way tie between The
King, Lightning McQueen and Chick Hicks. Lightning McQueen
only loses the race due to his own arrogance and refusal to
take the time to get new tires put on him.

The tie breaking race is to be held in California, to which
the three cars must travel in a week's time in order to
decide the winner of the Piston Cup and the new car to
promote Dinoco because The King is retiring.

In his arrogance Lightning McQueen insists on racing Chick
Hicks across the USA to the California race and makes his
truck, Mac, drive through the night to get there first,
while he sleeps in back. Because of an accident along the
way, Lightning McQueen ends up stuck in the desert in a
little town called Radiator Springs.

Lightning manages to tear up the main road in Radiator
Springs and the lawyer in town convinces the judge to
require Lightning McQueen to fix the road before he can
leave Radiator Springs to get to the Piston Cup tie breaking

Along the way Lightning McQueen meets "Mater", which becomes
his best friend. Sally the lawyer that owns the local hotel
becomes his love interest. Doc Hudson, the judge and doctor
of the town, unknown to McQueen, happens to be his long time
racing idol.

During the course of events, Lightning McQueen gets a good
dose of humility and learns to control himself. Because of
this he may not win the race in California, but he does win
the hearts of every car in the Cars movie, including his
idol Doc Hudson and Sally.

Mater "The Pick Up Artist"
Voiced by: Larry the Cable Guy


Here is a list of Characters in the Cars Movie:

The Rust-eze Medicated Bumper Ointment team:

- Lightning McQueen
- Mack
- Lightning McQueen's pit crew
- Harv
- Rusty and Dusty Rust-eze

The Dinoco team:

- Strip "The King" Weathers
- Lynda Weathers / Mrs. The King
- Tex Dinoco
- The King's pit crew
- Rotor Turbosky
- Gray
- Dinoco trailers
- Dinoco show cars

The Hostile Takeover Bank team:

- Chick Hicks
- Chick Hick's pit crew

The Radiator Springs populace:

- Mater
- Doc Hudson
- Sally Carrera
- Luigi
- Guido
- Ramone
- Flo
- Sheriff
- Fillmore
- Sarge
- Lizzie
- Red
- Stanley
- Frank
- Tractors
- Big Al

The Announcers:

- Darrell Cartrip
- Bob Cutlass

The Other vehicles:

- Mia and Tia
- Van and Minny
- Delinquent Road Hazards
- Volkswagen "bugs"

The Pixar cameos

- Barney Stormin
- Kori Turbowitz
- Lightyear Blimp (Al Oft)
- Jay Limo
- Albert Hinkey
- Tow
- Race Official Tom
- Fred
- Leroy Traffik
- TJ Hummer
- Elvis
- Sven "The Governator"
- Chuki
- Ferrari F430
- Maseratis
- Marco Super FAV18
- Chuck Manifold
- Jerry Recycled Batteries
- Trev Diesel
- Bessie
- Roman Dunes

The Other racecars:

- Dale Earnhardt Jr. #8
- Piston Cup Pace Car (Charlie Checker)
- Octane Gain #58 (Billy Oilchanger)
- RPM #64 (Winford Bradford Rutherford)
- Nitroade #28 (Aiken Axler)
- Leakless #52 (Claude Scruggs)
- Mario Andretti #11
- No Stall #123 (Todd "The Shockster" Marcus)
- Vinyl Toupee #76 (Crusty Rotor)
- Mood Springs #33 (Chuck Armstrong)
- Shifty Drug #35 (Kevin Racingtire)
- Shiny Wax #82 (Darren Leadfoot)
- Gaskits #80 (Sage Vanderspin)
- Gasprin #70 (Floyd Mulvihill)
- Tow Cap #4 (Rusty Cornfuel)
- Lil' Torquey Pistons #117 (Ralph Carlow)
- Revolting #84 (Davey Apex)
- Tack-O-Mint #101 (Greg Candyman)
- Sidewall Shine #74 (Slider Petrolski)
- Sputter Stop #92 (Murray Clutchburn)
- Fiber Fuel #56 (Brush Curber)
- Mac iCar #84
- Trunk Fresh #34 (Dirkson D'agostino)
- N2O Nitro Cola #68 (Manny Flywheel)
- Retread #79 (Haul Inngas)
- Rev-N-Go #73 (Misti Motorkrass)
- Tank Coat #36 (Eugene Carbureski)
- Transberry Juice #63 (Lee Revkins)
- Vitoline #61 (James Cleanair)
- View Zeen #39 (Ryan Shields)
- Easy Idle #51 (Ruby "Easy" Oaks)
- Faux Wheel Drive #54 (Johnny Blamer)
- Bumper Save #90 (Ponchy Wipeout)
- Spare Mint #93 (Ernie Gearson)
- Clutch Aid #121 (Kevin Shiftright)

Voice Talent for the Cars Movie

- Owen Wilson as Lightning McQueen (voice)
- Paul Newman as Doc Hudson (voice)
- Bonnie Hunt as Sally Carrera (voice)
- Larry The Cable Guy as Mater (voice)
- Cheech Marin as Ramone (voice)
- Tony Shalhoub as Luigi (voice)
- Guido Quaroni as Guido (voice)
- Jenifer Lewis as Flo (voice)
- Paul Dooley as Sarge (voice)
- Michael Wallis as Sheriff (voice)
- George Carlin as Fillmore (voice)
- Katherine Helmond as Lizzie (voice)
- John Ratzenberger as Mack / Hamm Truck /
Abominable Snow Plow / P.T. Flea Car (voice)
- Joe Ranft as Red / Peterbilt (voice)
- Michael Keaton as Chick Hicks (voice)
- And more ....

This is a great kids movie and even holds interest for
adults as well. It is well on its way to becoming a cult
classic and since its release in 2006 it is still a popular
icon movie among children. This movie got great reviews and
is so popular that there have been hopeful rumors about a
Cars 2 movie in the future. We like it a lot.

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