Proper Instruction

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To Use Prybars


Ways To Knock Yourself Out Using A Pry Bar
By: The Working Man

The proper use of a pry bar is essential to your health.
People who use a pry bar incorrectly will more often than
not end up in the hospital emergency room. It is important
to wear PPE or personal protection equipment and always make
sure that electricity and water are turned off when
demolishing. Always brace whatever you are prying if it is

Here are some of the ways to knock yourself out using a pry

1. Try to bend the pry bar.

2. Try to bend the pry bar around your neck.

3. Hit something springy with the pry bar.

4. Hit anything with a pry bar.

5. Try to lever something with a pry bar that is really too

6. Hit yourself in the shin with a pry bar when showing off.

7. Pry something apart that is upright and you are standing
in front of it.

8. Pry something light apart that will flip up into the air
and land on your head.

9. Use the pry bar to start knocking down walls without
turning the electricity off first.

10. Drop the pry bar on your foot thereby breaking it.

11. Threaten someone bigger than you with a pry bar.

Avoid these eleven things and you won't end up at the
hospital with a goose egg while using a pry bar. In some
cases you could even kill yourself if you use a pry bar
incorrectly. Never use any tool without making sure that you
are safe, the area is safe and you are using the tool
correctly and safely.

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