Construction Rodeo

in Manheim Pa.


The ABC Construction Rodeo
By: The Working Man

Every September, September 28th this year ABC, also known as
Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc., holds a free fun-
filled day for families at the ABC Construction Rodeo at the
Rapho Business Park in Manheim, Pennsylvania.

Thousands of people (over 3,700 in 2007) enjoy free admission and
parking, games for the children, snacks, and door prize drawings
throughout the day, all the while learning more about the
construction industry, having loads of fun, and helping ABC help

All day many competitions between employees of ABC Keystone are
held in various construction skills with money prizes for the top
seven winners in each event. Fun competitions include skills in
painting, plumbing, electrical, drywall, and carpentry, as well
as driving and precise operation of backhoes, cranes, excavators,
forklifts, skid steers, trucks, and wheel loaders. Not to be
forgotten is the five-person-team tug of war!

Also throughout the day there are many craft apprentice
competitions for ABC Keystone's members companies' craft
apprentices, and the winners go on to compete nationally.

The fun also includes competitions for Junior and Senior High
School students who also can win money prizes, and coloring
contests for the younger folk.

And, even if you aren't a construction worker or of school age
you can still compete in the Men's and Women's Nail Driving
Competition which is open to the public.

Fun contest events to watch include a Lego (T) building
competition, nail and peg driving, inflatable obstacle course,
construction obstacle course for the students, aerial lift, and
much more.

Besides showing off the skills and talents of the competitors,
all profits from the festivities benefit the Make-A-Wish (T)
Foundation and the Merit Shop Scholarship Fund ($305,000 raised
so far.)

If you live near Manheim and you'd like to help with this event,
your help will be welcome and you'll even earn a Thank You Rodeo

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