Larry the Cable Guy

Health Inspector:

The Movie


Larry the Cable Guy in Witless Protection
By: The Working Man

In 2006 the movie Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector
was released. It starred Larry the Cable Guy, a persona
played by Daniel Whitney. After his success as a comedian
"Larry" tried his hand at movie acting. Unfortunately for
him this movie did not stand up to the critics.

"Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector" is about a
restaurant health inspector named "Larry". He is given a new
partner after his long streak of closing restaurants for
health code violations. The new rookie health inspector,
named Amy Butlin, goes around with Larry on his assignments.

The assignment is by order of Larry's boss Bart Tatlock (Tom
Wilson). Amy and Larry help each other and Larry discovers
that the food poisonings that were happening at four star
restaurants all throughout town were no accident. He is then
fired for his methods and goes undercover to find the
culprits. All during this he manages to charm a romance with
a waitress at a greasy spoon restaurant.

Unfortunately, even though some people believe this to be
Larry the Cable Guys best movie, it is still universally
considered to be a bad movie. It has been noted that since
this movie every movie that Larry stars in he has a
character named "Larry". Since we like Larry the Cable Guy,
we choose to assume that this is not because he can't
remember his character's names but that he is trying to
promote himself.

This film never made very much money even when it was
released to DVD. Only diehard fans of Larry the Cable Guy
would watch this movie. In fact, it was considered such a
bad movie that Larry was nominated for the "Golden Raspberry
Award for Worst Actor" for his performance in this movie.

The film was written by Jonathan Bernstein and James Greer
and directed by Trent Cooper. The tagline was "They'll Give
Anyone a Badge."

Cast of Characters:

- Larry the Cable Guy as Larry
- David Koechner as Donnie
- Michael Papajohn as Diner Manager
- Phyllis Alexion as Old Woman in Diner
- Tony Hale as Jack Dabbs
- Thomas F. Wilson as Bart Tatlock (as Tom Wilson)
- Iris Bahr as Amy Butlin
- Eric Esteban as Sushi Chef Sakamoto
- Brooke Dillman as Brenda
- Joanna Cassidy as Lily Micelli
- Rahman Khan as Indian Restaurant Manager (as Rahman Kahn)
- Megyn Price as Jane Whitley
- Arian Waring Ash as Lingerie Store Manager (as Arian Ash)
- Bruce Bruce as Big Shug
- Tom Hillmann as Tad

Now, if you just love Larry the Cable Guy, you can probably
find this movie at your local rental place or on late night
cable and decide for yourself how bad it is. Be sure to pop
some popcorn to get you through.

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