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Here's a web site devoted exclusively to The Working Man.

You, America's Working Man. The man who goes out there everyday
despite cold, rain, snow or adverse weather conditions and makes
this great country run.

Without us, the working men of America, our great country
wouldn't survive for very long.

We've built this site as a memorial and honor to each
and every man or woman who puts in their 8, 10, or 12 hours
each day. The blue collar worker. The one who gets their
hands dirty. The one who makes things happen in the workplace.

We are the ones who produce this nations gas, coal, steel,
electricity, lumber, cars and trucks and the thousands of other products
which make life for the average American a whole lot better.

The Working Man, the man who runs the railroads, builds
and maintains our highways, fixes our cars and trucks,
keeps our country safe, builds the ships and airplanes,
drives the trucks, farms the land and mines the coal.

Thank all of you for running America! You are what this
great country is all about. You, the Working Man of America......
You deserve a medal for braving the weather, putting up with !*#@
from your boss, working under adverse conditions, for providing
a good living for your family

Without you, this country couldn't survive!
You are the backbone of this Great country.

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Flaring a newly fracked natural gas Marcellus well

Life is a Highway... I want to Drive it all Night Long!

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Do you know why the dinosaurs went extinct?
Because of the Chuck Norrissaurus Rex! Check out more fun stuff
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The Working Man's Friends!
GoJo and Wd 40

A Caterpillar D5M Pushing dirt, what it was born to do!

We've added some really cool pages about the Cat D8,
Cat D9 and Cat D10 bulldozers.

BIG BRUTUS!  Second largest mining shovel in the world!

The Captain and Big Muskie (the largest mining shovel
and largest dragline in the world.)

           Caterpillar D8L resting from pushing coal

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