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Who wears the Pants on the job?
By: The Working Man

Pants or trousers for the working man can be as simple as the
choice between light weight cargo pants and heavy weight canvas.
Such pants are specifically designed for the working person and
some are even tailored or made for the specific job. They come in
a range of styles, types, colors and even accessories.

When you think of the requirements for a working person's pants
the first adjective that usually springs to mind is "tough". That
is the way most work wear pants are designed. They often have
triple stitched seams that practically make them water-proof.
They also have rivets in corner stress points for extra
reinforcement, and are sewn from thick fabrics to prevent ripping
and tearing. Some even offer an extra gusset in the crotch and
other areas for added range of motion.

Probably the most popular style of work wear pants is carpenter
pants. They call it carpenter pants because of the extra pockets
that are usually placed on the outer seam of both legs. These
often come with "hammer loops" for tools to be placed in as well.

Some of these pants are made with an extra layer on the inside of
the same fabric as the outer material for insulation purposes.
This keeps legs warmer on long cold winter days. Sometimes this
layer is flannel or some other warm fabric.

Most work wear pants come in the standard colors of blue, black
or brown. Some styles available include boot cut, regular, loose
and carpenter. They also come in cargo pants (Cargo pants have
large patch pockets that hold a lot of "cargo"), which are
usually brown.

Some work wear pants are deceptive as the cut and style are more
sophisticated and you can wear them to the office as well as in
the work yard. But universally these pants are tough and can
withstand rigors that ordinary pants can not.

Here are some companies that carry working man's pants:
Arborwear, 5.11 Tactical, Carhartt, Dickies, Filson, Sawhorse,
Wolverine, Wrangler, Riggs, Russell work wear and more.

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