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Tough & Durable Work Clothes by Riggs
By: The Working Man

Riggs Workwear by Wrangler is considered top quality, durable,
tough clothing that give the working man more for his money and
better craftsmanship and performance from his clothing.

Riggs Workwear from Wrangler is popular and quality workwear
designed to provide durable comfort for the working professional.
Reviewers have concluded that all of their products are made from
top quality materials to withstand whatever they are put through.
You shouldn't have to worry about a seam busting or your pocket
ripping with these jeans.

Riggs Workwear offers Shirts, Jackets and Jeans that are all made
of the strongest material possible, with features that are
innovative to give the working man or woman an extra edge on the
job. For example, the pants and jeans offer a leather tape
measure reinforcement of the right front pocket to prevent wear.
The pants and jeans are lined with Cordura to prevent tearing and
the Ranger pants have knees that are reinforced. Some Riggs
Workwear is fire-retardant if you need that.

All the jeans and pants have utility pockets and right side
hammer loops. The t-shirts have utility loops. The pockets are
thirteen inches deep in the front to hold what you need without
anything falling out when you bend or stoop. The pants are made
from ripstop one hundred percent cotton as are the shirts. Riggs
Workwear offers cold weather thermal and light weight cotton for
the worker.

The shirts are made with an extra gusset under the arm and at the
sides with vent holes that create a wider range of motion and
ease of movement. The jeans have an extra gusset in the inseam
for better range of motion and they also have improved fit all
the way around.

The insulated garments that Riggs Workwear offers are lined
jackets, flannel thermal-lined shirts, Canvas thermal-lined
shirts and ranger pants that are also flannel-lined.

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