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From Humble Beginnings Dickies has Grown Famous
By: The Working Man

Dickies, then known as Williamson-Dickie Manufacturing Company,
are a company that started in the United States in 1922. They
originally offered bib overalls to the American working man.
The company now has grown to be one of the largest manufacturers
of work wear in the entire world. Dickies work clothes have also
become a popular icon among women as well.

Dickies now manufacturers a large number of garments for the
working man and woman, from denim jeans to work shirts to men's
and women's work wear. They are built tough with the worker in
mind, usually with reinforced seams and thick material.

The founders, E. E. "Colonel" Dickie and C. N. Williamson started
out their careers in the "vehicle and harness" business in Bryan,
Texas. They and a few friends then made the decision to start
manufacturing bib overalls in 1918, calling the company the U.S.
Overall Company.

Soon after, in 1922, Williamson's son and cousin bought out
Colonel Dickie and split the stock three ways. They renamed the
company Williamson-Dickie Manufacturing Company.

During the Great Depression they hit a slump which quickly turned
around during World War II because the company was sequestered to
make uniforms for the U.S Armed Forces. After that, through the
genius of C. Don Williamson, they strategically bought new
facilities, sales territories and warehouses, bringing the
company nationwide attention. In the 1950's the company expanded
to the international market by introducing the Dickies brand to
the Middle Eastern oil fields.

Dickies has remained one of the top manufacturers of work wear
and their clothing is sold all over the world. It is a trusted
brand known for its durability, toughness and solid
manufacturing. The company continually updates their product in
order to change with the times and bring more and more fashion
work wear to the public at large.

Dickies has also become a recognized brand among teenaged girls,
not only for its rugged toughness but for its style and name.
Sporting Dickies denim jeans has become a fad among the younger

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