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Russell Workwear
By: The Working Man

Russell workwear doesn't just offer good quality fabrics and
extra reinforcement like some other work wear companies; they
offer double layers not only on the knees but on the shoulders as
well. They also make their clothing machine washable and the
garments can be tumble dried in the dryer.

Russell's Workwear Clothing products include:

- T-shirts
- Polo Shirts
- Sweatshirts
- Workwear Gilets
- Workwear Trousers
- Outdoor Fleece
- & Jackets

All of their product line is made in a consistent range of colors
and is gender specific where it counts. They also have a wide
range of sizes. They offer a good selection of both summer weight
and winter weight clothing.

Their clothing also has fabric coatings to resist dirt and
Cordura patches in places that need further protection. Their
seams are stronger and the clothing offered by Russell workwear
has a longer lifespan than most other garments.

The clothing has been tested against ISO EN norms and is CE
certified. They also offer more storage and pockets in their
garments so you have a place for everything to carry with you.

This clothing can perform indoors and outdoors and you can
combine the different garments for your own sense of style or
specific job demands. This clothing has been used to outfit teams
and workplaces and can be decorated with logos if needed. Russell
Workwear is a good source of high quality workwear at a decent
price and definitely this clothing lasts, performs and can outfit

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