Safety around Wrenches

Some Tips for the

Safe Use of Wrenches


If you're going to use a Wrench do it the Right Way
By: The Working Man

If you are working around electrical wires or electrical
components be sure to use insulated wrenches for protection
against electrical shock. Make sure that the power is turned

Never ever alter a wrench for this weakens the metal and it
may break when force is applied to it.

Do not tighten down a fastener too much. You should use a
torque wrench to tighten fasteners to exactly what is needed
for that fastener to that component.

You should look over your wrenches every now and again to
inspect them for cracking, damage, distortion or severe
wear. If you notice anything like this you should get a new

You should always use non-sparking wrenches, especially when
working around dust or flammables of any kind.

Remember that the person ultimately responsible for your
safety is you. Always wear proper personal protection
including safety eyewear, headgear, gloves, shoes
and clothing.

When working around flammables, hazardous materials,
biohazards, pollutants or dust wear the proper protection
and have the proper gear before you work at that site.

Be aware of what you are getting into before you go to a
job. Always be aware of your surroundings, your work
environment and your coworkers. Be sure to inspect your job
site before beginning work and make sure conditions are safe
before beginning to work. Use the Proper Wrench for the job!

You can find wrenches at just about any hardware store or
lumberyard. You can also find them at yard sales and garage
sales but be sure to inspect the wrenches for damage and do
not buy a wrench that has obvious damage to it. You can
seriously injure yourself by using faulty tools.

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