Typical Uses

for Wrecking Bars

in Industry


The Wrecking Bar: A Real Man's Tool
By: The Working Man

A wrecking bar is typically a class one lever that is used in
demolition. They are usually made from forged carbon steel and
can have cylindrical or a hexagonal shaft. They come with
multiple different ends but more often than not come to a point.
They can come in any size or length.

This type of crowbar is used for tearing apart buildings,
concrete, or even cars. This bar is heavy duty and can pry apart
hundreds of pounds of material with the proper leverage. You can
use more than one person to operate a wrecking bar with the
longer lengths.

Wrecking bars typically come with a gooseneck at one end or a
rounded "hook" with a split, flattened fork for pulling nails.
The other end is a chisel or wedge shape for getting into tight

What makes a pry bar a wrecking bar is that they are made from
very tough steel and will resist bending up to hundreds of pounds
of weight. Typically the longer a wrecking bar is the more weight
it can take. Because of this they are typically heavier than your
average crowbar.

You will often see these types of crowbars on a construction or
demolition site. They can be used for multiple purposes but most
of those come down to demolition. They will last a long time if
you use them correctly.

Wrecking bars can come painted in different colors but more often
than not you will find them in black. Some people prefer copper
color or even blue, but the black color seems to stand up better
to wear and tear and will still maintain without noticeable

You can buy wrecking bars at any hardware store or lumberyard,
like: Ace Hardware, TruValue Hardware, Meeks, Sutherlands, Lowes
and any small locally owned hardware or lumberyards. Any place
that sells tools may have a wrecking bar.

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