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A Fun to Take Crowbar Quiz
By: The Working Man

Here's a short quiz to find out how much you think you
might know about our common friend the king of bars,
the crowbar.

The answers to these can be found in other pages on our
web site, but we also have the answers listed below
for your convenience.

Next time your out to the bar, you can bet your pals
and win some free beers using these crowbar trivia.

1. What other names is the Crowbar called?

2. When a crowbar is called a "Jimmy" what is it in reference to?

3. What is the most common used for a crowbar?

4. What metals is a crowbar made of?

5. What shapes does a crowbar come in?

6. What shape of crowbar is resistant to bending?

7. What is the origin of the name "crowbar"?

8. What famous poet mentions a crowbar in one of his plays?

9. Are there any other origins to the name "crowbar"?

10. Is a crowbar ever depicted as a weapon?

11. How many classes of crowbar are there?

12. What is the most common crowbar?

13. How many ends are there to a crowbar?

14. What lengths can a crowbar come in?

15. How many kinds of crowbar are there?

16. What is the wrecking bar used for?

17. What is the digging bar used for?

18. What are "utility" bars and how are they used?

19. What are crowbars used for?

20. What do crowbars do, but aren't commonly called?


1. The crowbar is known by many names such as: crow bar, crowbar,
jimmy, jimmy bar, jemmy, gooseneck, pry bar, prybar.

2. When someone calls a crow bar a jimmy or jemmy it is usually
in reference to using a crow bar for breaking and entering.
Locksmiths will use this tool at times to break locks when there
is no other recourse.

3. the most common use of a crowbar is to lever or pry things
apart. They are also used to remove nails. They are also
especially good at opening crates made of wood.

4. Crowbars are usually made from carbon steel but they can also
be made from lead and titanium.

5. Crowbars come in several shapes: Cylindrical, Hexagonal, Oval
and I-beam.

6. The crowbar shape most resistant to bending is the I-beam.

7. The origin of the word crowbar is suspected to be from the
1400's when it was called a crow bar. It is believed that the
tool was called this because the bar looks like a crow's beak or
crow's foot at one end and is used the same way a crow pries open
a nut.

8. William Shakespeare mentioned a crow bar in his play Romeo and

9. Some people believe that the crowbar is named that because the
slaves in Colonial America were frequently called "Jim Crow" and
the crowbar was frequently used by slaves. Therefore the crowbar
is named for "Jim Crow". We doubt this origin and want to aver
that the crowbar is not racist.

10. In video games and movies crowbars are frequently used as

11. There are three classes of levers and prybars that can be
used for all three.

12. The most common crowbar is a gooseneck crowbar named for the
hook at the end with a flattened split fork for nail pulling.

13. There are many variations of tools on the ends of crowbars.
The most common is a nail puller of some kind. Other popular
features include a chisel and a trim puller end.

14. A crowbar can come in many different lengths. As a general
rule the longer it is the more weight it can pry apart.

15. There are three main kinds of crowbar: the prybar, the
digging bar and the wrecking bar.

16. The wrecking bar is used for demolition.

17. The digging bar is mainly used to help dig post holes.

18. There are crowbars that are called utility bars. They can do
any type of prying work and then some. One is called a Fubar
another is called a Tibar.

19. All types of crowbars are used in demolition.

20. The crowbar uses leverage to pry things apart but it is not
commonly called a lever.

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