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The Working Man needs High Quality Jeans
By: The Working Man

The working person's pair of jeans is expected to go through a
lot. From stain resistance to stresses on the fabric, jeans can
perform and remain useful for a long time. Work wear jeans are
also now available in a wide variety of styles, weights and

Jeans refer to a pant that is made with obvious stitching, no
crease down the front of the leg and made from a tough fabric
like denim. Many, many types of hard work are done in jeans and
they are usually comfortable enough to wear anywhere and anytime.
Jeans were originally invented by the man who founded Levi
Strauss and sold to the hard working miners of the California
Gold Rush.

What is better about work jeans is that they are tougher and
thicker than the ordinary casual jeans sold today. They can stand
up to a lot more damage and stress than ordinary jeans. Usually
they are triple stitched in the seams and are reinforces with
rivets at stress points.

Some styles of work jeans that you can choose from are Relaxed,
Stretch, Carpenter, and Lined. Depending on the style, sometimes
you can get the denim in a heavier weight and with certain parts
reinforced with more fabric if you need the extra thickness in
tougher jobs.

Relaxed fit jeans are looser through the inseam, legs and back
than regular or boot cut jeans. Stretch jeans are usually
tighter, but woven with spandex throughout for extra stretch and
range of motion. Carpenter's jeans have extra pockets running
down the out seam and usually a hammer loop.

Lined jeans have an extra layer of warm fabric such as flannel on
the inside of the jean for when your legs need the extra
protection from the cold. These jeans are usually worn in areas
where there is a lot of snow and the job you do requires you to
be out in the weather.

Work Wear jeans typically come in the colors of "denim blue" or
black, although casual jeans now can be found in many other
colors. Usually the more you wash these jeans the softer and more
comfortable they feel. The working person's jeans are made to be
worn well and worn often. These companies and more carry work
wear jeans: Carhartt, Dickies, and Wrangler.

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