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Various Types of Respiratory Protection

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By: The Working Man

There are several different types of respiratory protection that
will prevent you from inhaling or being subjected to fumes or
dangerous toxic gases. They range from simple paper masks that go
over your mouth and nose to full gas masks with separate air

You should know the different types of respiratory protection
available to you so that you can properly assess risk and choose
the right protection for the job.

Here is a list of types of respiratory protection devices:

- Paper Masks/Disposable Respirators

- Free Standing HEPA Filters

- Air Purifying Respirators

- Filtering Self-Rescue

- Gas Filtering Absorption

- Chemical Cartridge Respirators

- Particulate Filter

- Self Contained Breathing Apparatus

- Supplied-Air Respirators

- Escape Masks


Paper Masks or Disposable Respirators that cover the nose and
mouth should be worn when you need protection from the
possibility of inhaling small amounts of dust or contaminants. A
disposable respirator also prevents you from inhaling spores,
viruses or other dangerous biological contaminants. In cases
where the implements you work with will expose you to dangerous
chemicals or fumes you should wear at least a paper mask to
protect yourself even if the area is well ventilated.


When the air needs to be physically cleaned from some type of
contaminant you will need a Free Standing HEPA Filter running
while you are working to clean out dangerous biological
contaminates such as virus, spores or even vast amounts of dust.
This will not only help you breath better and more safely while
you are working in the affected area but it will help to prevent
the contaminants from spreading to other areas.


Air Purifying Respirators have three different types you can use
for your own protection.

- Filtering Self-Rescue: Used when there are fibers, dust or
fumes in the area, particularly if there is mist or particulates
in the air.

- Gas Filtering Absorption: Used in cases where you will be
exposed to dangerous fumes, vapors or gases.

- Half Mask: This combines the filtering self-rescue and the gas
filtering absorption for full protection.

Please see Part 2 for more information...

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