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Personal Protective Equipment - Types of Respiratory Protection

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By: The Working Man


Gas Filtering Absorption Self-Rescue Air Purifying Units protect
you from certain gases for a limited amount of time. The mask
for a Gas Filtering Absorption Self-Rescue Unit is a full face
mask with a canister attached which can be mounted on the back,
front or chin.

The canister used is dependent on which gases or vapors you will
be exposed to during the duration of the mask's use. You need to
be sure that you use the right canister for the specific gas or
vapor you will be exposed to and that the canister will function
for the duration of time that you are in the vicinity of the
particular gas or vapor. The duration of the canister depends on
the time you will be exposed to that particular gas, saturation,
type of absorbent and the size of the canister you are using.

WARNING!! Do not use this particular gas mask if you are going
into an area where oxygen isn't plentiful and available.

An Escape Mask is a gas mask that usually will cover half of your
face or be a mouth piece and respirator and they are considered
to be a sub-group of the gas masks.


Chemical Cartridge Respirators Self-Rescue units are similar to
the gas mask self rescue unit except that the cartridges used are
smaller. These units can cover half the face or be full mask.
Full mask helmets and hoods and are particularly useful when you
will exposed to low toxicity vapors or gases.

Different types of cartridges are available for different gases
or vapors and you should be certain to select the right cartridge
for the gas or vapor exposure you expect.

Never use the chemical cartridge respirators in environments

- There is little to no oxygen.

- Where there are very toxic substances

- Where there are substances that will react with the chemical
fill of the cartridge

- Where eye irritants are present

- Where there are substances with a detectable taste or smell.

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