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Work Wear Shoes: a Worker's only as good as his paws.
Get the right shoes for the job

By: The Working Man

There are basically two types of work shoes that you should
consider before narrowing your selection. One type is regular
work shoes and the other is safety shoes. Once you have
determined whether you need safety shoes or simple work shoes,
from there you can narrow your choices by size, style, color, and
the like. In other words, it is important to keep in mind the
safety standards of your job site before selecting a pair of work

Work shoes can be low or high top, waterproof and slip resistant.
They typically do not have steel toes or any other safety feature
other than offered by the shoe material, but they should have
good foot support and well gripping soles.

Safety shoes are an upgraded version of the work shoe. They often
have a "steel toe" that can protect the toes from falling
objects. Some may even have a steel plate in the bottom to
protect against punctures through the sole. Safety shoes are
often considered to be PPE or Personal Protection Equipment.

It is important before purchasing your shoes to measure your foot
and try on the shoes with the work socks you intend to wear with your
new work shoes. If you are going to be wearing your shoes for
extended periods you can cause serious problems to your feet,
ankles, knees and back by selecting the wrong size, whether too
tight or too loose. The shoe should fit and be comfortable from
the start with no breaking in period needed.

There are multiple styles that you can choose from these days no
matter the level of safety that you have to maintain. The
important thing is the fit, not the look. Some job sites require
a certain type of footwear, for instance Steel toed boots for miners,
and shoe color may even be controlled by your employer, but in most
cases things like color and style are left up to your own tastes.

The first thing you should do before selecting a work shoe is to
check with your employer to see if there are certain safety
standards that you have to adhere to. For instance, if your job
site often has spills or slick flooring you may be required to
have a slip-resistant sole to your shoe to protect you from

Never choose a shoe that doesn't adhere to your job sites safety
standards. Safety standards are put in place to protect you from
serious injury. You should choose your shoes first by safety
standards, then by size/fit, then by style, then by color.

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