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Work Wear Socks
By: The Working Man

It is important that you consider your work conditions, your
shoes and your work site before selecting socks to wear with
them. Socks are no small consideration for the working man.
Proper foot support and care is essential when you are on your
feet a lot at a job site. Protecting your feet with proper work
wear quality socks can help prevent fungal and other infections.
They can also protect your feet from the wear and tear that is
inevitable as you work.

If you are on a job site that is very hot and you are on your
feet in the sun for long periods you may want a high tech sock
that is designed to wick moisture away from the skin. Breathable
socks are essential on hot job sites. They protect your feet from
getting infections and make the day more bearable in general.

On job sites in cold weather it is essential that you get thermal
socks or socks that are thick enough to protect your feet from
cold or even frostbite. There are some great sock brands, styles
and materials to choose from now that will keep your feet very
warm and also very dry.

Your work shoes play a role in what work wear socks you will wear.
Some work sites require steel toes shoes. In this case you will
want a sock with a reinforced toe that provides extra fabric
between your foot and the steel toe in order to prevent
discomfort, chaffing, or blisters where the edge of the steel toe
piece meets your foot.

If you have high top shoes or work boots you will need a longer sock
to go with them. With low tops or tennis shoes some people opt
for low athletic socks to match. The style of work wear sock is
usually determined by what shoe you will be wearing. When you go
to try on shoes you should wear the socks you intend to wear with
the shoes to make sure you have the proper size shoe that won't
bind your feet as you work.

If your job requires a uniform, the color of socks may be
regulated accordingly. If you do not know if this is the case
check with your employer before you buy your work wear socks.

It is also important to note that some socks that provide extra
support in your shoes and will help your feet, ankles, knees and
back in the long run may cost more accordingly. Buy the socks you
need, do not buy based on cost. Often the cheaper socks are not
made as well and you will have to buy more very soon. This often
costs more in the end than if you had bought the right sock when
you originally had the choice.

Here are some sock options: Athletic Socks, Coolmax Socks, Cotton
Socks, Fleece Socks, Hiking Socks, Hunting Socks, Insulated
Socks, Medical Socks, Merino Socks, Novelty Socks, Safety Toe
Socks, Sock Liners, Uniform Socks, Women's Socks, X-Static Socks,

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