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Boots for Miners
By: The Working Man

Miners need quality boots that provide protection against every
eventuality. The threat of falling and of being hit by falling
debris is very serious. Injuries can result if proper care is not
taken with a miner's uniform.

Some features that miner's boots should have to protect them

- Waterproof/Breathable GORE-TEX Bootie
- Water-Resistant, Breathable Full Grain Leather
- Kevlar Insulated Lining
- Leather Comfort Collar
- Cambrelle Breathable Moisture-Wicking Lining
- Tipped rubber toe with extra protection
- Shock-Absorbing Polyurethane Midsoles
- Steel Shank
- Steel Toe
- Steel Bottom Plate

Some of the best boots on the market for protection of a miner's
feet are the Matterhorn Miners boots. They currently meet all
ANSI standards for a mine job site. Considering that a miner's
foot has to be protected from electrical shock, puncture, heavy
falling material and slippage, a shoe that is designed for miners
must be made to exacting standards and also be comfortable to
wear for extended periods of time.

The boot must also be able to wick moisture away from the foot
and be waterproof because of the threat of exposure to ground
water and or threats from bacteria and fungus. The foot must be
insulated, protected and dry to avoid health problems for the

It is disturbing to think of everything that can go wrong
underground and it is important to take as many precautions as
possible in order to protect oneself from the dangers in the
dark. If a miner slips and falls wrong he can do more than just
break a bone, he could be fatally injured and possibly injure or
kill others in the event.

There are many companies that sell miner's boots, but the
Matterhorn boots are uniquely qualified not only to protect but
to provide comfort. This is also considered to be PPE or Personal
Protection Equipment and most job sites, especially mining sites,
require proper footwear when working underground.

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