Electrical Safety

How to Avoid Being

Shocked by Electricity


Electrical Safety on the Job Site - Avoiding Electric Shock
By: The Working Man

Most accidents on the job site that involve electricity are
caused by human ignorance. Consequently it is very important
for every worker to know the safety rules for working with
and around electricity.

Basic terms involving electricity include current, voltage,
resistance and grounding, and those four things determine
your safety or danger as you work with electric tools or
other electrical objects.

- Current is also called amperage, and is the amount of
electricity that is flowing through the line.

- Voltage is the force that makes the current flow.

- Resistance is the force that slows down the current flow.

- A ground is a connection between the earth and an
electrical current, and electricity always tries to reach a
ground through the path that has the least resistance.

So, electric shock happens when a part of the body provides
that path from the electrical source and the earth or a
conductive object that is in contact with the earth, such as
a pipe or even a damp floor.

The effect of the shock depends on how much current is
flowing and the voltage. The higher the voltage the greater
will be the injury from the shock. The path the electricity
takes also affects the damage to the body.

Consequently, prevention is definitely the best cure when it
comes to electric shock. Keep your body from becoming the
path for electric current, and don't touch electrical
equipment when the equipment or you are wet or the weather
is very damp. Do a safety inspection before starting work,
checking tools, cords and outlets for wear or defects. When
working on electrical equipment, be sure to lock or tag out
all switches.

If someone is shocked on the job site, don't touch them or
try to remove them from the source, but stop the electrical
flow as quickly as possible and then call for emergency
personnel. Electrical Safety will Safe Your Life.

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