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Shoes and Boots for Carpenters
By: The Working Man

You might not think a carpenter would need a special shoe, but
they indeed do. Carpenters need shoes with strong soles to
protect them from punctures. Also, to provide lasting comfort
throughout the long work day. In some cases while working in the
heat a carpenter may also need a shoe to provide moisture wicking
to keep their feet dry and comfortable.

On some job sites there are particular standards for footwear set
by organizations that look out for the worker. In the United
States, OSHA and ANSI will often inspect a jobsite and have
certain guidelines for the manager or owner to follow for PPE or
Personal Protection Equipment for that particular job.

Carpenters have three threats to their feet on any given jobsite;
puncture through the sole, crushing from falling debris or tools,
and spillage or slippery areas from water or chemicals.

It is important that a carpenter take into account all the
hazards on the particular job site or area and wear the proper
foot protection. A good shoe or boot that is made from material
that breathes, with a wicking lining, that is waterproof, and has
a steel toe and steel plate in the sole is highly recommended for
carpenters. There should also be good padding and foot support
for the long hours of standing, bending and moving that carpentry
requires. A rubber sole is necessary to prevent falls from wet
areas on the ground.

You can buy shoes or boots for carpenters from these companies:

- Carhartt
- Converse
- Dickies
- John Deere
- Dr. Martens
- Michelin
- Terra
- Work One
- Wolverine
- Rock Outdoor Gear
- Nautilus Safety Footwear
- Thorogood Shoes
- LaCrosse
- Mechanix Wear
- Florsheim
- Georgia Boot
- Danner
- Chippewa
- Timberland
- Etc.

As a working man you should always keep in mind your own personal
protection. If you damage your feet you may be unable to work.
You should pick a shoe with protection in mind first, and then
size, brand, type, style, and then color. There are a lot of
choices out there so even as you narrow them you will be able to
find the right shoe for you.

Don't be afraid to spend a little extra money on your shoes. The
better quality of shoe, the longer it will last you and the
better it will protect you not only from foot damage but from
knee strain and back strain. So carefully pick your shoe and do
your homework. A good pair of shoes should fit and be comfortable
out of the box with no breaking-in period necessary

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